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Tired of Minimalism? Try 3 Top Maximalist Video Templates

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Several years ago, as many championed the "less is more" look of minimalist design, practically every bit of graphic design began to look alike.

Minimalist design certainly has its place, but has it gone too far? Sometimes minimalist design feels like a conveniently lazy alternative. And that's where maximalist design takes the opposite view.

If minimalism asserts that "less is more", the reactionary maximalist movement says "more is more!" Let's look at three of the best templates with maximalist-inspired design.

3 Top Maximalist Video Templates

1. Retro Summer Party Opener (Premiere Pro)

With the maximlist style of the 80's at play, this template runs no risk of being called minimalist. Zoom down a digital highway with flashing lights and motion graphics while animating your details to life.

2. Event Opener (After Effects)

A mix of shapes, color, animated text and more are a maximalist's dream for promoting an event. Use this to promote a high-energy, content-rich event with the help of a few stock photos and video footage.

3. Draw Colorful Opener (After Effects)

Draw has a hand-illustrated feel to it that has more than enough items to qualify as maximalist. Your opener will feel like it was drawn just for your purpose once you add your photos and branding choices.

Download Unlimited Maximalist Video Templates

All of the templates in this round-up have a common home: Envato Elements. You can source unlimited maximalist video templates from Envato Elements as a subscriber.

Elements Maximalist Video TemplatesElements Maximalist Video TemplatesElements Maximalist Video Templates
Download unlimited video templates from all classes with Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download site for creatives.

Envato Elements itself embodies the "more is more" mindset with its subscription model. With one subscription, you unlock every single template in the library. Grab as many templates as you want in pursuit of the perfect maximalist production.

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