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Top 3 Looping Video Backgrounds (Stock Footage) for Live Streaming

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Looping backgrounds deliver a cool, elegant look to any streaming production: They're a handy way to keep your audience engaged before your broadcast starts, while you take a break, or as the backdrop to a cut-away screen.

Each of these looping backgrounds is included with a membership to Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service with stock videos, photos, templates, audio, and more. No matter your level of video experience, these resources make building amazing professional productions easier than ever.

The Best Looping Video Backgrounds for Streaming

1. Stars Background Loop

Create the illusion of speed with this fast-paced loop. With colorful light particles and glittery graphics, this background propels any project to the next level. It’s versatile enough to complement a wide variety of projects and purposes.

2. Pixel Art Background

For an artsy, fun vibe, turn to the stunning Pixel Art Background. It features a rolling loop of hearts, stars, dots, and other quirky symbols. These make it a truly versatile offering suited for ads, promos, slideshows, social media clips, and more.

3. Abstract Tech Loop Background

The block graphics in this abstract looping background build a firm foundation for any video. Pair them with a logo intro, closing credits, or maybe even your intermission. Whatever your theme, it’s certain to benefit from inspired styling like this.

More Great Stock Footage

You can download free video background clips over at Mixkit. Or try one of these useful articles:

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