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5 Top After Effects Templates for Business Conferences

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Business conferences are crucial in every industry. These are the types of events that professionals attend to make connections, develop new opportunities, and do the all-important "networking" that leads to sales.

If you're organizing a business conference, you need the promotional materials to help your event stand out. With Envato Elements, you can easily build a business conference video with templates.

Business Conference Event VideoBusiness Conference Event VideoBusiness Conference Event Video
Use a business conference event video to set the stage for your upcoming meetup!

Top 5 Video Templates for Business Conferences

Without video templates, you're left to create your business conference promo from scratch. That leaves you with less time to plan and run your event. With Envato Elements, you can source these templates that make it easy. 

Just open these business conference videos in Adobe After Effects and add your specifics. Let's look at three of the best!

1. Video Business Conference - Scene Situations

If you're after animation in your business conference video, here's an option for you. It features a few different scenes with funky characters and cool transitions. This download is for keeping the mood light at your event.

2. Business Conference Promo

With clear, easy-to-read text, your audience won't mistake the details of your upcoming event. Use this template to promote your upcoming conference with the date and more to promote your event to success.

3. Event After Effects Project Template

Adobe After Effects is a "do-everything" animation and motion graphics tool, but it isn't the easiest to use for a business conference video. With the help of a template like this one, you don't have to learn the app from the ground up. Just add your conference specifics!

4. Corporate Event Opener

If your attendees have already arrived, it helps to set the tone for your conference with an upbeat video. This template is perfectly suited for the task with eye-catching graphics and details that are exciting.

5. Business Conference After Effects Template

Here's a cool After Effects project template you can use for your event's website or as promo. It comes with bold typography, great colors, and fun transitions. It's a modern option for building hype for your conference.

Top Tips for Making Business Conference Videos

Finding After Effects project templates for business conference videos is a great start. But before you kick off the editing process, have a look at these helpful tips:

1. Tease Speakers

Your speakers can make or break your conference's attendance. If your template allows, add the names of some of your speakers to your video. It'll add to the hype you're trying to build in your promo.

2. Mix Your Media

Don't just focus on one type of media when you're putting together your video. Your promo can feature both high-quality images and video footage. Blending these visual types will add a nice balance to your final product and keep viewers engaged.

3. Plan for Different Channels

When you make your video, think about how you plan on sharing it. Will it just be on your website, or do you want to post it on social media? Will you need a vertical video? Before you decide on a template, consider your options. This could be the difference between making one video or multiple.

Download Unlimited Business Conference Videos on Envato Elements

If you find frequently find yourself planning a business conference, you might need video templates that help you promote your event. With the right template, you can add your conference dates, location, and all other relevant information.

All of the business conference videos that you saw in this round-up are included with a subscription to Envato Elements. For a single, flat-rate fee you can source all of the templates you need.

Envato Elements Video templatesEnvato Elements Video templatesEnvato Elements Video templates
On Envato Elements, source the best business conference videos for your big event.

When you use a template, you'll save hours of design work. Just add your details and you'll be promoting your video conference in no time.

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