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5 Top Mental Health Promotion Video Templates for After Effects

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Everyone experience struggles with mental health and depression, or knows someone who does. In this article, we take a look at top video templates for Adobe After Effects to help you create mental health awareness videos.

Top Video Templates for Mental Health Promotion

Each of these templates for After Effects is available with the unlimited-download Envato Elements membership.

1. Lost in Thoughts - Slow Minimal Slideshow

Lost in Thoughts allows you to share both still images and videos in a slow, elegant slideshow. Perfect for reflection, all you need to do is drop in your own content. The expertly-designed template does the rest.

2. Hope

Sharing your thoughts and feelings can help you cope - and it can benefit others by helping them realize they aren’t alone. Hope is a slideshow meant for that express purpose. With photo and text placeholders, you can quickly share your perspective with others.

3. Memory Sketch

Memory Sketch is a stylish way to share past experiences in an intimate, comforting way. It transfers any image into a beautiful, hand-drawn creation. You don’t need any artistic skills to make it happen; the powerful template takes care of the drawing work.

4. Medicine and Healthcare Thin Line Icons

This handy set of animated drawings lets you add tasteful pictograms and icons to your videos quickly, with a consistent style.

5. The Brain Logo Ident

Lights sparkle and dance in this brain-themed animation and logo reveal. Neat!

Envato Elements for Video Templates

Who wants to spend forever making a video from scratch? That’s where pre-built templates like the ones we just saw come in.

Envato Elements video templateEnvato Elements video templateEnvato Elements video template
Use Envato Elements to produce video content with less work than ever.

You’ll find all of these, and many more, on Envato Elements. Elements is an all-you-can-download service for creatives. For a flat monthly rate, you’ll have full access to try out as many templates as you want.

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