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3 Coral Pink Themed Video Templates for After Effects

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Coral pink designs add soft tones to any video. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at a few of the best coral pink templates available today. A splash of one of the most popular colors in 2019 can add a soft but eye-catching flair.

Here are a few great uses for coral pink designs in your videos:

  • Logo openers
  • Photo slideshows
  • Intro clips

To learn more about using color in your videos, take a look at David Bode’s tutorial, Catching the Eye: How to Use Color to Capture Attention in Videos:

Top Video Templates with Coral Pink Color Schemes

Now, let’s explore three of the top video templates with coral pink designs, all available from Envato Elements.

1. Event Promo

This animated icon pack is the perfect choice for your next business meeting. Each engaging animation helps illustrate steps and stages of your project.

2. Logo Sting 4 Styles

Multiple stylish logo options are included in this pack, including a sleek coral pink design. Use it to bring tropical tones to your logo in your next project.

3. Mums Day Slideshow

Create your next Mother's Day slideshow in pastel style with coral pink tones used throughout.

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