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10 Top YouTube Video Graphics Templates for Adobe Rush

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This article presents our selection of the best YouTube templates for Rush, the easy-to-use video editing app from Adobe.

How To Use Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is built with YouTube and social media content creators in mind. It favors ease of use and speed, for people who want to process video clips quickly and share them right away. It also allows you to create your video in any format: portrait, landscape, or square. Export options include YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo, making a great software for influencers and creators.

Watch this video tutorial to learn the basics:

3 Top YouTube Templates From Envato Elements

Envato Elements' video section includes templates for popular video editing apps like After Effects, Premiere, and now Rush (.mogrt format). Even for rookie video editors, these templates can help you create professional videos by giving you an easy-to-use starting point. Each of these projects are included as part of our monthly subscription.

1. YouTube (Channel Promo)

The YouTube promo template is our top choice for Adobe Rush. It's short, sweet, and to the point: a video preview from your channel transforms into the YouTube logo with a URL link to your channel.

  • Who it's for: Anyone promoting their YouTube channels
  • Why we like it: This template brings a sharp look without diminishing your creative content

2. YouTube Promo (Video Promo)

YouTube Promo is a great way to promote your best videos. Simply drop in your content and watch it roll on a sleek on-screen player graphic.

  • Who it's for: Anyone promoting their YouTube video content
  • Why we like it: Simple and stylish

3. The YouTuber Pack: Comic Edition (V2.0) (Channel Graphics)

The YouTuber Pack: Comic Edition is a cartoon-themed mega-pack of graphics to give a new level of whimsy to your YouTube videos.

  • Who it's for: YouTube creators who want to have some fun with their videos
  • Why we like it: A big pack that includes everything to add a cartoon element to a production

Top Templates from Envato Market (Buy One at a Time)

If a subscription isn't your thing and you only need a single template, then we've got for you a selection of our best YouTube video templates from VideoHive, our Envato Market for pay-as-you-go options. 

1. Youtube Pack - MOGRTs for Premiere

This fantastic YouTube templates pack has everything you may need for your YouTube channel. It includes 350+ animation pack for more than 20 categories: backgrounds, box titles, call outs, chatting, end screens, Facebook, glitch titles, icons, Instagram and many more!

Youtube Pack - MOGRTs for PremiereYoutube Pack - MOGRTs for PremiereYoutube Pack - MOGRTs for Premiere

2. Modern Motion Broadcast Package - Mogrt

This YouTube broadcast package is a multipurpose pack of video templates for you. Use it for your YouTube channel, social networks content or any personal project! You'll find a modern and useful design.

Modern Motion Broadcast PackageModern Motion Broadcast PackageModern Motion Broadcast Package

3. Youtube Essential Library - MOGRT for Premiere

This cool YouTube channel design pack contains more than 100 elements and to make your content look more professional. All parameters could be edited in a few minutes. You can adjust colors so it matches your identity. This pack is a good chance for any vlogger to make their YouTube channel more stylish and beautiful. 

Youtube Essential LibraryYoutube Essential LibraryYoutube Essential Library

4. Broadcast News Essential Graphics - Mogrt

Are you running your own YouTube news channel? Then this is the perfect YouTube pack for you. This is Broadcast News project includes these categories: World News, Sports News, Basketball News, Weather News, Business News and Breaking News. It's a complete pack that doesn't require plugins and includes a tutorial for you.

Broadcast News Essential GraphicsBroadcast News Essential GraphicsBroadcast News Essential Graphics

5. Youtube Motion Pack - Essential Graphics - Mogrt

This YouTube motion library is very flexible and you can adapt it to any video project you have. It's a multipurpose and universal, professional design ready to use. It includes 165 unique animated elements, and there aren't any plugins required. 

Youtube Motion PackYoutube Motion PackYoutube Motion Pack

6. Broadcast Pack - Essential Graphics - Mogrt

We've got for you another multipurpose, professional YouTube broadcast pack. It features a quick adjustment of color, size and positions of any element and text. Easily adapt it to your channel and quickly create videos with a minimalist and unique look.

Broadcast PackBroadcast PackBroadcast Pack

7. Broadcast Sports Pack Essential Graphics - Mogrt

For those YouTubers passionate about sports content creation, this is a perfect YouTube templates pack. Some of the package's features are:

  • Date Promo Text Only
  • Date Promo with Video
  • Lower Third x4
  • Next Text Only
  • Next with Video
  • Promo with silhouettes
  • Social Media x5 
  • Transitions x5 
Broadcast Sports PackBroadcast Sports PackBroadcast Sports Pack

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