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3 Top China Video Templates for After Effects (Graphics, Maps for PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

China has long shaped the future of the world. Whether you're highlighting one of the 100 cities with a million-plus residents (in a country of almost 1.4 billion people now), the world's second-largest economy, or thousands of years of proud and fascinating history, these easy video templates are sure to help.

In this article we feature three of Envato Elements' top templates to feature China in your next video production, plus handy creative assets to help complete your video production in style.

Ferry crossing to Hong KongFerry crossing to Hong KongFerry crossing to Hong Kong
Hong Kong ferry at sunset, by f9photos/Envato Elements

3 Top After Effects Video Templates for China From Envato Elements

The Envato Elements subscription includes thousands of video templates, a carefully-selected archive of stock photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, graphics templates, and in-depth creative courses from Tuts+.

With so many templates in the Envato Elements library, it helps to have a guide to the best of the best. Let's meet three After Effects templates that focus on China, and a few stock assets to round out your story about the Peoples' Republic of China, the Republic of China (Taiwan), and Hong Kong.

1. China Map — People's Republic of China Map Kit

China is a diverse country. Every city brings something different; whether you're focused on Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, or another metro area, this template can help you tell your story. It's easy to customize and point to a city of your choice.

See Also: Taiwan (Republic of China) Map Kit

This is a matching template that covers the populous island off the coast of mainland China.

2. China Map Kit

Here's another After Effects map template. The focus is on China's most populous regions; inside this package you're sure to find an animation that highlights the city that you have in mind.

3. 2022 Winter Games — Beijing China

Or maybe your focus on China is all about 2022 Olympic coverage. The winter Olympics 2022 are set for Beijing, and it's sure to be an exciting time for the region. Highlight your favorite events with a dose of geography using this template.

More Video Resources for China-themed Projects

Elements has lots of great China stock video and China graphics assets to help you complete your video. For example, check out this loopable waving flag:

Other great options include this clip from a Hong Kong night market, or this shot of the Huangpu River at Night.

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