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9 Top Isometric Motion Graphics Templates for After Effects

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Isometric graphics strike this cool balance between 2D and 3D design: isometric scenes feel like a "cross-section" view of animated life. If you've ever played games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Civilization, you'll immediately recognize the top-down isometric style. 

With a bit of help, you can create an isometric style video! In this round-up, you'll see templates that help you create an isometric video of your own. Just add your details and animate your scene to life!

Isometric template Envato ElementsIsometric template Envato ElementsIsometric template Envato Elements

Download all of these templates from Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service for creatives. Play the previews, then click on the links to download them.

Top Eye-Catching Isometric Video Templates

1. Isometric Flat Concept 

With a deep choice of animations and pre-built scenes, you could really use this template for any purpose. The default options are geared toward the business world where you can showcase common cases like banking, investment, recruiting, and more.

2. Pictogram Isometric

The animated characters in this video are waiting for your directions! This template shows characters in a variety of common scenarios, like desk work, interacting with one another, and making calls. It's perfect for an explainer video with voiceover.

3. Isometric Broadcast Package

Putting together a broadcast package? You can use the isometric video style with this template and create a splashy logo and set of graphics for your broadcast.

4. Digital Development - Isometric Concept

This isometric package is perfect for the modern app and web development studio. Choose from one of the pre-built scenes depicting programmers, web developers, and more. This scene would work perfectly for a recruiting video.

5. Lopo Isometric Explainer Kit

Explainer videos are more popular than ever. Capitalize on the trend and explain an important concept with this isometric explainer kit. Just add your specifics, a voice track, and drive home a key point.

6. Isometric Flat Concept

Here's another outstanding option for creating an isometric video. With more than 25 scenes ranging from social networking to advertising, this flat isometric package is just waiting for your specifics.

7. Gadget Preview Logo

Even if you don't have an isometric logo, you can use the style with the help of this template. Add your logo and use it with the pre-built gadget icons. This is perfect for the tech-focused YouTube channel.

8. Isometric People

More than 30 character animations come together in this isometric After Effects template. No matter what type of scene you're building, this package has what you need. Create an explainer or character-focused video with no animation knowledge needed.

9. Technology Isometric Concept

Rounding out our selections, here's another package from the makers of the Development package above, but this one is encompasses technology more broadly. With a new set of color schemes and a few additional scenes, it's a great way to create an isometric video in After Effects without creating a single animation on your own.

The Best Source for Eye-Catching Isometric Video Templates (and So Much More)

All of the templates that you saw in this round-up come from a common source. And with a single flat-rate subscription, you'll unlock all of them.

You'll find isometric video templates on Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download service for creatives. As you saw in the round-up, these templates are eye-catching and professionally designed. Just update them with a few specifics, and you have a totally customized video.

Isometric Video Templates on Envato ElementsIsometric Video Templates on Envato ElementsIsometric Video Templates on Envato Elements
On Envato Elements, you unlock tens of thousands of video templates (including isometrics!) 

On top of these outstanding video templates, your subscription to Elements unlocks stock photos, graphics, video footage and so much more. Each download costs you nothing extra with your subscription.

More Eye-Catching Isometrics

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