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10 Top Lower-Thirds Titles for DaVinci Resolve

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It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Choosing a lower-third with the right look and feel for your project is no insignificant detail. The font, placement, style, and graphic elements are vital to getting your message across. Don't settle. These lower-thirds titles templates for DaVinci Resolve are distinctive, effective, and quite nice on the eyes, too.

Top Lower-Thirds Title Templates From Envato Elements

These templates are from Envato Elements, where the unlimited-download subscription includes hundreds of high-quality templates for Davinci Resolve, including lower-thirds titles. Here are our ten picks for lower-thirds templates to try:

1. Motion Titles

For the ultimate control over the look and placement of your lower thirds, check out Motion Titles. Just drag and drop your title, choose your title color, font size, and position in the frame, and you are good to go!

2. Clean Minimal Titles, V.1

Elegant, simple yet stylish, and screaming good taste, it’s hard to go wrong with Clean Minimal Titles, V.1. Including an array of graphic animation styles for lower thirds, this template is suitable for everything from cutting edge to corporate.

3. Dynamic Lower Thirds

Keep them mesmerized with this highly creative lower-thirds template that has the look and feel of custom-built. Dynamic Lower Thirds’ animated lines and shapes move like eye candy, underscoring text in a captivatingly satisfying way.

4. Big Lower Thirds

If your text needs to dominate, we’ve got you. Set off by a stylish rendition of in-camera crop marks in the frames’ corners, Big Lower Thirds puts your words first and foremost, achieving unwavering, straight-ahead impact. 

5. Social Media Lower Thirds

Light, playful, and pretty darn cute, Social Media Lower Thirds presents social media link icons that don't look like the million others you've seen. A simple, refreshing take on a boring—albeit essential—bit of information, this template will sprinkle your project with surprise pizazz.

6. Neon Toolkit

Apply the ecstatic aesthetic of neon lights to your text or logo with great latitude using Neon Toolkit. Any font can be infused with any color and any range of glow, putting your words in lights—right where they should be.

7. Clean Quotes

Created specifically to set off quotations in an eye-catching, yet minimal way, Clean Quotes imbues a person’s words with depth and importance. Graphic elements coordinate to unveil a quote and its author in a variety of affecting styles.

8. News Tickers

Nothing gives off an urgency quite like the captions of news coverage running across the lower frame. News Tickers provides all the required graphic elements to turn words into a simulated live broadcast with impressive efficacy.

9. Blade Glitch Titles

Zap viewers with the ingenuity of your project using Blade Glitch Titles. With 25 different glitch titles and 20 glitch title animation effects to choose from, your words are immediately super-charged and uber-cool.

10. Modern Call Outs for DaVinci Resolve

Pinpoint precisely a place in the frame and add informative text with this elegant, stylish template for callouts. Modern Call Outs for DaVinci Resolve’s smooth, creative animation combined with its full HD resolution result in a super crisp, clean, commanding look.

More Resources From Envato

Learn how to create compelling titles in DaVinci Resolve using this quick video tutorial.

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