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3 Top Premiere Pro Templates and Elements for USA Elections Coverage

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Election season is just around the corner! Don't want to tune into the existing media channels on election night? Start producing your own coverage for the big night in 2020 with the help of these Adobe Premiere templates.

3 Top Premiere Pro Templates for USA Elections Coverage

Let's check out three of the best Premiere Pro templates for USA elections coverage from Envato Elements, where you can get all the creative assets you need in with subscription.

1. Election Essentials 2020 

As the name implies, this template has all of the essentials that you need for exciting election night coverage. Spinning graphics and color-coded maps help your viewers stay up-to-date on the leading candidate.

2. Midterm Election Elements - House & Senate

The House of Representatives and Senate elections often are just as impactful on policy as the presidential election. Use this template to cover those elections with the same level of professionalism and polish.

3. Election Night 2020

Everyone is sure to gather around the TV for a big night of coverage in 2020. If you want to produce your own coverage for the election, try out this broadcast package that's ready for the big night in November.

The Best Source for Unlimited Premiere Pro Templates for Election Night

Presidential elections only roll around in the United States every four years, but state and local elections are a near-constant force. If you're producing election night videos for Premiere pro frequently, a subscription to Envato Elements is an incredible value. 

Adobe Premiere templates for Envato ElementsAdobe Premiere templates for Envato ElementsAdobe Premiere templates for Envato Elements
Download an unlimited number of Adobe premiere templates for a single flat rate on Envato Elements.

It's a major advantage to have unlimited templates to try out. That way, you can experiment with many different styles and animations for your election night coverage - with no extra cost!

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