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3 Top Merchandising Video Templates for Premiere Pro: Retail and Digital Sales

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Try some of our top templates for Premiere Pro to help you market and sell your merchandise by creating eye-catching and engaging video!

Merchandise tags - from Envato ElementsMerchandise tags - from Envato ElementsMerchandise tags - from Envato Elements
Merchandise tags—from Envato Elements

Top Video Templates to Sell Merchandise

Check out our favourite templates for Merchandise for Premiere Pro, available from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Product Sale & Discount Promo

Featured Merchandising Video Template From Envato Elements

Try this brightly coloured template to help you move your products with a well-timed promotion. Featuring animated shapes and lines, it’s bound to catch your customers’ attention. Space for a product picture is front and centre, and there’s plenty of room for product information and pricing.

Urban Instagram Promo

A fashionable and fast-paced Premiere Pro template with an urban style. This would work particularly well for merchandise like apparel but could easily be customised to suit other merchandise too.

Posters Sales

Envato Market Option

A pack of 16 ‘posters’ to show off your merchandise and build sales. Whether you want to promote a specific product, or you’re having a special event, this Premiere Pro (2019+) template set will have something for you.  

Try More Video Assets

The following resources are all from Envato Elements and included in a monthly subscription so why not give them a try!

Woman using smartphone to buy merchandise  – Stock Footage

 Stock footage of a woman buying merchandise, with greenscreen.

65 Merchandising Line Icons – Icons

A set of cute, merchandising-themed icons including window and in-store displays.

65 Merchandising Line Icons - from Envato Elements65 Merchandising Line Icons - from Envato Elements65 Merchandising Line Icons - from Envato Elements
65 Merchandising Line Icons—from Envato Elements

Daily Notes—Font

A brand new handwritten font that’s clear to read and feels friendly and personal.

Daily Notes - from Envato ElementsDaily Notes - from Envato ElementsDaily Notes - from Envato Elements
Daily Notes—from Envato Elements

More Video Resources From Envato

Learn Photo and Video Post-Production with Envato Tuts+

Premiere Pro FAQs

Free Video Courses: Follow Envato Tuts+ on YouTube

Adobe Premiere Pro has lots of great features. Learn more in oour free course, Ultimate Premeire Pro FAQ.

More Resources From Envato

Envato has lots of resources to try. PlaceIt lets you make high quality motion graphics in your browser, no software needed. Reshot has free photos, icons, and graphics.

More Top Resources for Premiere Pro

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