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10 Top Sci-Fi Video Templates for After Effects

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There’s nothing that transports quite like the dark, calculating, cryptic world of science-fiction. Deeply embedded in the infinite expanse of the universe and your limitless imagination, these sci-fi templates for After Effects are a cut above the rest.

Top Science Fiction Templates for Adobe After Effects

The futuristic projects here are all from Envato Elements, the unlimited-download subscription with millions of creative assets, including thousands of After Effects templates, all vetted for quality. Here's our showcase:

1. Sci Fi Hex

Featuring quality 3D models and three seamless textures—diffuse, specular, and normal—Sci Fi Hex is a great option for video game openers and promotional videos with a sci-fi feel. Text can be incorporated in the form of lower thirds or callouts with complete customization control.

2. Sci-fi Interface HUD Pack 3

The mothership of sci-fi templates, Sci-fi Interface HUD Pack 3 includes a whopping 500 animated elements and compositions that can be constructed from separate groups or ready-made groups. A complex design, it offers any number of options in all resolutions.

3. Sci-Fi Logo

Let your logo reveal itself through the sparkle of LED lights. Cinematic and futuristic, with a touch of glitch, Sci-Fi Logo feels part computer screen, part celestial, presenting your logo as innovation and intellect rolled into one.

4. Sci-Fi HUD Intro

Circular glowing shapes move as if homing in on answers and expanding focus at the same time in this mesmerizing opener template. Sci-Fi HUD Intro places your ensuing media in a clean, continuously calculating context, making it hard to look away.

5. 3D Sci-Fi Technology

This pretty rad template showcases your footage as if from the depths of a sci-fi structure floating in outer space. Like asteroids coordinating in the abyss, 3D Sci-Fi Technology includes 3D blocks that assemble themselves into a structure before easefully breaking apart again.

6. Digital Sci Fi Slideshow

Display your video or images through translucent hexagon shapes in this digital slideshow template. Digital Sci Fi Slideshow incorporates cross hairs, parallax, and dash of the dark, starry universe to take corporate or sci-fi presentations to another level.

7. Epic Sci-Fi Trailer

Create your sci-fi project trailer with a template that imparts all the glamour and grandiosity of a big-budget Hollywood film. Epic Sci-Fi Trailer includes blockbuster-style titles underscored by dynamic lines and glitch transitions that scream, “Hold onto your seat!”

8. 3D Panorama Sci-Fi Video Displays

Present your panoramic videos and images as if they’re on a gigantic screen on the inside a space station. 3D Panorana Sci-Fi Video Displays sets you in a futuristic, galactic world with a 3D cyclorama that’s ideal for landscape and panoramic media.

9. Animated Sci-fi Alphabet

For text-heavy projects with a sci-fi zing, checkout Animated Sci-fi Alphabet. Block letters are transformed into animatedly outlined letters, captivating viewers with your message, while the powerful blasts of transitions exude gravitas.

10. Sci-Fi Logo Reveal

Like a drone sailing straight through the confines of a massive space ship, the momentous build up of Sci-Fi Logo Reveal has an arresting, glitchy effect as it concludes with a logo reveal. Choose from two different animated versions for optimum customization.

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