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10 Top Slideshow Templates for Adobe Rush

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Envato Elements offers thousands of templates for popular video editing apps like After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Even for rookie video editors, these templates can help you create professional videos by giving you an easy-to-use starting point.

In this article, we're focusing on the best-of-the-best projects that you'll find in the Elements library. All of these projects are included as part of a subscription to Envato Elements. 

3 Minimal Slideshow template3 Minimal Slideshow template3 Minimal Slideshow template
The Minimal Slideshow project 

This Top 10 feature shows off the best slideshow video templates for Adobe Rush. Specifically, it looks at four main categories: minimal, modern, retro, and travel. Each one dresses your photos and text to impress, thanks to amazing creative styling.

Top Video Transitions for After Effects and Premiere Pro

Minimal Adobe Rush Slideshow Templates

Splash from scene to scene using stylised liquid After Effects video transitions.

Key Features

These useful Adobe Rush slideshow templates have a clean design that can be used for any type of content. 

  • Applications: Adobe Rush and Premiere Pro
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: i-Minimalist

Download and Try

Envato Elements offers the ultimate subscription for creatives. Take your videos to the next level with unlimited Adobe Premiere Rush templates, TikTok photo slideshows, stock video, and so much more!

Minimal Adobe Rush Slideshow Template is available with a subscription to Envato Elements:

More Adobe Premiere Rush Templates and Slideshows From Envato Elements

Subscribe to Envato Elements on a monthly or yearly basis, and increase your template library with unlimited creative assets for your video projects. Here are some Adobe Premiere, Rush, and After Effects templates for you: 

Futuristic Adobe Rush Slideshow Templates

Impress your audience with cool and futuristic Adobe Rush slideshow templates. You get image and text space, as well as a very clean layout.


Corporate Adobe Premiere Rush Slideshow

Corporate slideshows don't have to be boring. These Adobe Rush slideshow templates are perfect for creating something out of the ordinary.


More Top Video Assets for Transitions From Envato Elements

Modern Business Adobe Premiere and Rush Slideshow

Give a professional presentation with these Adobe Rush slideshow templates. This slideshow has an elegant yet modern look. With a design like this, you'll only have to focus on the content. 

Cute Birthday Adobe Rush Slideshow Templates

Wish that special person a happy birthday with this cute Adobe Premiere Rush template. Add your favorite photos, write a nice message, and let's celebrate!

Dark Mode Adobe Rush Slideshow Templates

If you love the dark mode feature from your phone or other devices, you'll love these Adobe Rush slideshow templates. Add your favorite photos to an Adobe Premiere Rush slideshow with an elegant and dynamic design. The transitions in this template move quickly, so customize them to your liking.

Virtual Reality Adobe Premiere Rush Slideshow

This is a slideshow focused on virtual reality and technological content, but it can be easily modified to any type of content. The design of this Adobe Premiere Rush slideshow is very trendy, so don't worry about looking outdated. You can also use this template for a TikTok photo slideshow.

Minimal Slideshow

When you're showing off your photos, sometimes too much styling can be a real distraction. That's where the Minimal Slideshow theme comes in. With its understated yet refined styling, your video's focus will remain on the images you're sharing, not just fancy animations.

  • Who it's for: Anyone sharing photos with an audience. Use it also as a TikTok photo slideshow. 
  • Why we like it: The simple styling complements rather than distracts from your photos, and it's easy to drop in your own content.

Wonderful Memories Photo Slideshow

Wonderful Memories Photo Slideshow is a retro, classical way to share your photographs. Digital images animate on the screen in the form of photo printouts. It's like a virtual scrapbook and is perfect for sharing life's biggest moments with your friends and family.

Travel Slideshow

Travel Slideshow is the best way to share your globetrotting memories in Adobe Rush. Drop in your photos and style them with creative text caption overlays. This one can also double as a general-purpose intro for even more versatility. Also use this template to share your memories as a TikTok photo slideshow. 

Free Transition Template From Mixkit

Have you tried Mixkit? Free video transition effects, stock videos, templates, and more. Here's a freebie to try:

Large Title Slideshow

Get a simple slideshow with a variety of overlays and boxed headings. You can't go wrong with this slideshow!

Learning Resources From Envato

Improve Your Adobe Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro Skills With Envato Tuts+ Tutorials:

Free Video Course on Adobe Premiere Pro

This course will teach you the basics of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to organize your files, import assets, and set up a project. You'll also master some editing essentials, the basics of trimming, audio and video effects, titles, and exporting your project.

By the end of this course, you'll know how to turn your videos into professional projects. 

More Top Templates

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