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10 Top Soft Aesthetic Video Templates for After Effects

Nostalgic, emotional, celestial, just plain pretty—however you want to describe the vibe of a soft video aesthetic, we’ve got you. These top video templates for After Effects are perfect for projects calling for a subtler, warmer, more delicate touch.

10 After Effects Video Templates With Soft Aesthetics

All of these templates are from Envato Elements, the unlimited-download service with millions of creative stock items and elements, including thousands of After Effects templates.

1. Soft Modern Slideshow

This quite attractive template pairs a clean, modern design with the beautifully imperfect organic feel of light leaks and bokeh. Soft Modern Slideshow works with images and video alike, and could be the perfect impression for everything from weddings to fashion.

2. Clean Inked Slides

It’s difficult to deny the impressive artistry of Clean Inked Slides. Images are revealed in blots of ink with a painterly, realistic aesthetic on what looks like very nice, heavy, cotton watercolor paper. Use it to imbue projects with a tinge of fiction, fantasy, emotion, or creative flare.

3. Eternal Moment Wedding

The template references weddings, but don't be fooled; it could be used for a diverse variety of projects. In Eternal Moment Wedding, media is transitioned via bursts of light leaks, bokeh, lens blur, splashes, and sparkles, effectively sprinkling good wishes and fond regard on whatever follows.

4. Soft Business Promo

Just because you mean business, doesn’t mean your visuals need to be graphic eyesores. Soft Business Promo lets you present with such visually appealing elements that viewers might very well enjoy themselves as the digest your impressive data. 

5. Soft Slideshow

Create the ambiance of memory using Soft Slideshow. Its lens blur at the edges, clean, linear transitions, and light flares make for a super gentle, nostalgic feel. With 15 media holders and 15 text holders, its simplicity is refreshing.

6. Great Love Gallery

This cute, feel-good template takes viewers on a tour of a wall of picture frames as if invited into a home. In-between the frames, Great Love Gallery has blockletter type placeholders for simple expressions or phrases to direct the mood. Floating bokeh definitely add to the wistfulness.

7. Circles Original Photo Opener

Use circles evocative of a camera lens to subtly, yet decidedly focus viewers attention on your subject. Sprinkled with light leaks and bokeh, Circles Original Photo Opener has a refreshing, young, trendy feel mixed with the maturity of elegance.

8. Soft Parallax Slideshow

Bring life to your media with parallax, the animation effect that never fails to draw viewers in. Soft Parallax Slideshow has clean line transitions with the tiniest nod to glitch, three color presets (including, of course, the beauty that is monochrome), and 25 placeholders.

9. New Day Slideshow

Unveil images as if they are printed on the most beautiful fine art paper in town. Wholesome, artful, soothing, and so much more, New Day Slideshow provides the delicious texture of gray flecked, fiber paper as an overlay and angular, flickering shapes as transitions.

10. Photo Frames Slideshow

What’s more soothing than photographic prints floating in and out of the frame? Like you’re turning the pages of a memory album, Photo Frames Slideshow gently whirls seemingly weightless images in the background as other singularly come to the fore. 

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