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14 Top Text Animation Presets and Templates for After Effects

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When you open Adobe After Effects, it's easy to feel lost. With so many controls and options, it's almost like stepping into the cockpit of a plane with no training!

The solution is to use Adobe After Effects text animation templates. With the help of video templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market, text animations are easy to create. You'll see 14 top examples in this article.

Top Animated Text Templates for After Effects

Animated Text Templates for After Effects

Choose your favorite After Effects text animation from this amazing pack. 

Key Features

Do you need bold titles for your video projects? There are many options for text animations to choose from in this After Effects template. 

  • Applications: After Effects
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: Media_Stock

Download and Try

Envato Elements offers superior text animations for After Effects. Enhance the quality of your video projects with unlimited downloads from a curated library of the best video transitions, stock video, and more!

Animated Text Templates for After Effects are available with a subscription to Envato Elements:

More Text Animations in After Effects From Envato Elements

When you subscribe to Envato Elements on a monthly or annual basis, you'll get access to thousands of After Effects text animations, as well as other creative assets for your videos. Let's take a look at some more text animations for After Effects:

Minimal Text Animation for After Effects

Do you want a sleek look for your video projects? Use these minimal text animations for After Effects with different lower third styles. 


Cool Marker: After Effects Text Animation

This is a dynamic pack with animated text templates for After Effects. It features a marker look with graphics, transitions, and sound effects. 


More Top Text Animations in After Effects from Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a great creative resource with hundreds of After Effects text animation templates.

You can download unlimited creative assets with our monthly subscription, including a large library of editing tools and templates, courses here on Tuts+, plus a giant catalogue of photography, stock video, graphics, and music. 

If you're a videographer or work with video on a daily basis, Envato Elements is your best choice. Here's our selection of the best After Effects text animation templates from this marketplace:

Text Fold After Effect Text Animation

Looking for multipurpose After Effects text animation templates? This simple After Effects text animation can work for a variety of projects. You can easily animate titles with this fully customizable After Effects text animation.

Liquid Text Animation in After Effects 

Love liquid text animation in After Effects? This one is for you. It's one of our most comprehensive After Effects text animation templates. You'll get 110 animated elements which are pre-rendered into MOV files with a JPEG + Alpha codec. Try this liquid text animation After Effects pack with everything you need!

Creative Text Animation for After Effects

If you like unique After Effects text animation presets, you need to check this one out. This After Effects text animation pack comes with modern and minimalist animations. It's fast to render, and you don't need extra plugins. Try this simple After Effects text animation today!

Text Styles Animation: After Effects

Do you like fun and colorful After Effects text animation presets? This is one of our coolest After Effects text animation templates. This pack comes with 16 different styles to give your text a unique animation. 

Dynamic Text Animations

This simple After Effects text animation pack is a must-have. The project is very easy to use and fast to render. The After Effects text animation templates pack comes with 50 presets, 20 title scenes, and 10 typography scenes. 

9 Top After Effects Text Animation Presets From Envato Market (Pay-as-You-Go)

It might be easier than you think to create text animations. With the help of After Effects text animation presets from Envato Market, all you have to do is update the placeholders with your text. Let's look at nine of the best.

1. 70 Text Animations Pack

While you might not think of text as a crucial part of a video, it’s often the factor that transforms a good production into a great one. That’s why it’s key to select a versatile and stylish text animation pack. This one stands out because of the wide variety of animations it includes.

2. Text Animation Bundle

Featuring more than 80 custom text presets, this simple After Effects text animation bundle projects an elegant style anywhere you use it. The animations are studio-quality and bring your text to life. Plus the creator regularly publishes updates, so the value of your investment simply continues to increase. Choose from content types like titles, quotes, stories, and more.

3. Glitch Text Animator PRO

Glitch graphics are a popular trend in videos. With their gritty appearance and grungy vibe, they help set the tone for edgy, modern productions. Plus they can be applied to text, a mission accomplished by this slick designer template. Ideal for movie trailers, promos, and music videos, these titles will also work on logos and photos.

4. Text Library: Handy Text Animations

Hoping to experiment with different text animation styles? For a powerful pack that you can use over and over, the aptly named Text Library is perfect for you. In fact, it offers not just one, but one thousand custom text animations that you won’t find anywhere else!

5. Kinetic Text Animation

Kinetic Text Animation is a fun set of dynamic, upbeat titles. They’re flexible enough to fit with almost any project. The fast pace helps keep viewers focused, and is a surefire way to ensure your message is noticed. It means this pack is perfectly suited for personal projects, business videos, and much more. The pack includes 56 designs, each in full HD resolution that looks great on big screens.

6. Cracks and Text Animation

Seeming to emerge from your favorite fantasy films, these animations will help you craft an inspiring title opener. Four animations are included, with three color background options.

7. 30 Universal Text Animations

Packing plenty of modern style, these polished text animations are an elegant way to introduce text during any video. With 30 designs, you're sure to find one perfectly matched to any block of text. These work well as standalone titles, scene transitions, captions, and more. Each animation is resizable, making it a breeze to fit into place on your timeline. Plus you can change key details like the timing, duration, and color. This means you can adapt the template to your own needs, the hallmark of a great pack.

8. Text Animation for After Effects Lower Thirds

Think back to the last documentary or news broadcast you watched. Chances are, you saw text titles overlaying the bottom half of the screen. Perhaps they introduced a person by name, shared a headline, or brought quotes to life. These are called lower thirds, and thanks to this dynamic pack, you can bring them to your own videos.

9. Logo Text Animation in After Effects

Businesses big and small have logos. Design them right, and they become a true part of your brand identity. It's key, therefore, to award them a dramatic entrance when you're making a promo video. Courtesy of the Logo Text Animation template, it's easy to do exactly that.

Helpful Tips to Work With Text Animation

The templates you saw in this roundup are the best way to save time while creating a typographic animation. Here are some tips that you can apply to any text animation:

  • Match your text to music: typography alone might feel a little flat. But pair it with audio and match the tempo, and your video is instantly engaging. Check out Envato Elements for unlimited audio tracks.
  • Mix and match fonts: there's no rule that says you have to use a single font while creating an animation. Try multiple typefaces for a creative video.
  • Use your branding: a template is really just a starting point. To make it your own, you have to add your brand specifics. That includes using easy controls to update the color scheme. Add your logo for even more customization.

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