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15 Top Title Templates for DaVinci Resolve


The way you say something is as important as the words you use. These 15 hand-picked title templates for DaVinci Resolve, each with their own unique tenor, are clear stand-outs. 

Each item in this list comes from Envato Elements or VideoHive, which is part of the Envato Market. Whether you want unlimited asset downloads or purchase individual title templates, both sites offer excellent creative resources.

Are you ready to check out these title templates for DaVinci Resolve? Let's dive in!

Awesome DaVinci Resolve Title Templates From Envato Elements for 2021

You can find DaVinci Resolve title templates to suit the mood of your next video project on Envato Elements. With the monthly subscription, you can all of the below templates at no extra cost. Let's look through some of your options:

1. Modern Big Titles | DaVinci Resolve

Bold is an understatement with Modern Big Titles. The eye-catching font is paired with some cool animation effects. You can use these titles for promotions, corporate hype videos, and other projects.

Modern Big DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

2. Modern Glitch Titles V.1

Glitch effects are a popular choice in video production, and this style is applied perfectly to these titles. The Modern Glitch Titles V.1 DaVinci Resolve template features ten unique animations. The futuristic look of the glitch effect works for several video types.

Modern Glitch DaVinci Resolve Titles Templates V1

3. Title Animator - Bold Glitch // DaVinci Resolve

Title Animator features an alternate take on glitch effects. The style is professional without being too uptight, making this template really versatile. These DaVinci Resolve title templates work with any font and render quickly, too.

Title Animator Bold Glitch DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

4. Colorful Titles | DaVinci Resolve

Add some color to your next video project. This Colorful Titles DaVinci Resolve template download features 20 unique designs to choose from. You can easily edit them how you see fit so that they make sense for your project.

Colorful DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

5. Minimal Titles | DaVinci Resolve

Are you looking for something a little more toned down? These 20 Minimal Titles for DaVinci Resolve are for you. They feature simple text with smooth animations that fit a variety of projects. Each title template is easy to customize, making working with this bundle a breeze.

Minimal DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

More DaVinci Resolve Title Templates for 2021 From VideoHive

Envato Elements isn't the only home of DaVinci Resolve title templates. If you don't want to sign up for the subscription service, you can find titles to buy from VideoHive. Here's a selection of some of the best title templates for DaVinci Resolve from the marketplace:

6. Abstract Titles

There are few templates that have the energy and creativity of Abstract Titles. Replete with animated geometric shapes that move and transform in the most visually satisfying way, it’s near impossible not to impress viewers.

Abstract DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

7. Motion Titles

Breathe life and emotion into your words using Motion Titles, a template that includes nine dynamic titles that can be activated by a simple drag and drop. Great for all resolutions and frame rates, without any need for plugins, this template could be just what you’re looking for.

Motion DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

8. Minimal Quotes

Watch your quotes unfold with entrancing design. Minimal Quotes cleanly and smoothly imbues words with importance and aesthetic pleasure. Its fast render and ease of customization doesn’t hurt either!

Minimal Quotes DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

9. Film Credits Kit

Give props where props are due—and do it with professionalism and style. Film Credits Kit provides 25 film cast and credit animations, including fade, rolling, still, and with placeholders. Just edit text, adjust color, drag and drop media, and hit render.

Film Credits DaVinci Resolve Title Templates Kit

10. Catchy Titles for DaVinci Resolve

Simple, eye-catching animations available in ultra HD, Catchy Titles for DaVinci Resolve saturates text with bold, compelling motion. Create a stand-out background for your text or just overlay it as is, this template can be tweaked to give the precise typographical emphasis you desire.

Catchy DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

11. Wedding Titles

If you’re looking heartening, romantic titles with a touch of hand-drawn authenticity, your search very well might be over. Wedding Titles surrounds text with animated flower vines in full HD resolution that will endear even the most hard-hearted.

Wedding DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

12. News Tickers Pack

Perfect for news broadcasts and other current events, News Tickers Pack is a running text ticker that graphically suffuses words with dire consequence.

News Ticker DaVinci Resolve Title Templates Pack

13. Text Message KIT

Finally, the ability to create realistic text conversations so lifelike it’s like looking at your own phone screen. Text Message KIT allows you to construct dialogues of any sort with avatars, locations, media, and more.

Text Message DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

14. Glow Glitch Titles

Reminiscent of high-voltage, buzzing neon signs of yesteryear, Glow Glitch Titles ignite text with the urban grit, glow, and glitch of night-time city life. Its typographic dynamism and bright, bold designs scream cool.

Glow Glitch DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

15. Modern Call Outs for DaVinci Resolve

These handsome, modern, inspirational call outs are paired with clean, creative design, and color control. With extremely fast render and minimal smooth transitions, Modern Call Outs for DaVinci Resolve is a template worth giving a look.

Modern Call Outs DaVinci Resolve Title Templates

Tips for Adding Text in Video Projects

Having the best DaVinci Resolve title templates at your disposal will help you make more attractive videos. But it doesn't hurt to know how to best use them. With that being said, here are a few tips you can use for adding text well in your videos:

1. Text Complements Your Video

If you found a cool title template, you might want to have it in your video as much as possible, but remember that the real star of the show is your footage! Your text should complement what you have on the screen, not overpower it.

The best way to do this is by not covering important elements of your video with text. You can also chunk your text so you don't have long pieces of text blocking the viewable area of your footage.

Motion DaVinci Resolve Title Templates
The Motion Titles DaVinci Resolve template shows that large titles can still complement the visual you want to share.

2. Plan for Different Screen Sizes

If your video project will be uploaded online, it'll be hard to control the device your audience views it on. However, there is a way to make sure your video titles look excellent on everything from laptops to smartphones. The concept of safe margins relates to the standard area to put text to avoid cropping. While it was developed during the era of big and clunky TVs, it's still useful in 2021. Here's a great guide about the topic from broadcast and film industry veteran Erik Swanson.

Text Messages DaVinci Resolve Templates Kit
The Text Message KIT template is an excellent title that you can apply the safe margins concept to.

3. Choose Your Font Wisely

Last on this list is one of the first things you should consider. The font style you choose is one of the most important aspects of using your DaVinci Resolve title templates. When deciding on a typeface, consider the tone of your project and the readability of the styles you like. Keeping these in mind will help direct you to a unique font that works for what you're creating.

Colorful DaVinci Resolve Title Templates With Font Options
The Colorful Titles template for DaVinci Resolve come with different font options that suit different types of video.

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