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14 Top Vertical Video Templates for Premiere Pro: Titles, Promos, Instagram + More

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Top Vertical Video Templates for Adobe Premiere Pro

It wasn't that long ago that vertical video seemed like a nuisance. Usually captured on smartphones, it didn't fill the screen real estate of our widescreen monitors and TV's.

Now, over half of all video content is consumed on mobile, according to WordStream. So, why not create a vertical video? Creating a vertical video caters to the incredible growth in mobile video consumption.

Use the vertical video templates in this article to do that in less time than ever before. All of these vertical video templates are from Envato Elements, and included for a single flat rate!

The videos may be only vertical, but they can be used in a large number of ways. We've rounded up 14 of the best templates you can use for ads, Instagram, or inspiring text posts. Have a look at some of the options you have from Envato Elements.

Vertical Video Templates for Promotions

1. Restaurant Delivery Menu Opener

Great food can almost always sell itself, but a nice promo video doesn't hurt either. Restaurant Delivery Menu Opener is a vertical video template made to present your food stylishly. Edit quickly in Premiere Pro and have a social media ready video in no time.

2. Vertical Event Promo

Imagine this: you're sending out an email to promote your upcoming event. Your target customer is more likely to open that promo on a mobile device. So why not expand that event with a mobile-friendly vertical video? This template lets you do just that with a high energy reel.

3. Fashion Glitch Promo (Vertical)

The glitch effect is an eye-catching one with jumpy, randomized results. Effects like this are a must to capture attention in the fast-paced world of mobile marketing. Use this template to create fashion or high style video with a futuristic feel.

4. Dynamic Slideshow

Slideshows are the "best of both worlds" type of production. You don't have to capture footage to create a video with the help of this template. Just open it, add your photos to the vertical version, and presto! You've got a mobile-first video ready to share.

5. Vertical Hip-Hop Opener

Remember: marketing on mobile is all about capturing your audience's attention quickly. That's why this template is a perfect choice. It combines motion text, eye-catching animations, and your content to stand out from the crowd. It would work perfectly for an Instagram story, for example.

Vertical Video Templates for Instagram Stories

6. Instagram Christmas Stories

Just in time for the celebratory season, bring a bit of cheer to your production with this template. It has all of the pre-built elements that every holiday event needs to succeed. Use this vertical template to market on Instagram with a holiday theme.

7. The Ultimate Story Pack - Premiere Pro

Here's another outstanding vertical video template for Premiere Pro. With a 60fps template like this, you can take advantage of high-quality mobile screens. Use this for any of your social promotions.

8. Stories Pack

With more than 65 pre-built layouts, you'll never use the same story layout twice. It's the best way to bring new constant on social. You'll see that the icons in this template give you choices for practically every type of business.

9. Sports Instagram Stories

Recapping your favorite team's scores and news? This template is perfect for the job. Mix-and-match your images and latest news. It's sure to capture your team's biggest fans who will follow your account. Use a template like this to become a leading source of news for your team on social.

10. Instagram Stories Stomp

On Instagram and Snapchat, your followers are only a tap away from skipping past your content onto the next story. That means the responsibility is on you to grab their attention as soon as possible. The Stomp template does just that, living up to its name by jumping off the screen.

Vertical Video Title Templates for Dynamic Text

11. 4th Of July Instagram Stories for Premiere

If you're feeling patriotic or are just a big fan of red, white, and blue, try out this 4th of July template pack. This vertical video bundle includes five editable text animations and five background animations. You can use these title templates for other U.S. holidays too.

12. Titles For Vertical Video

Bold typography is a massive design trend. Add this modern style to your videos with this title pack found on Envato Elements. It includes 30 different designs, and they're all responsive. Easily make a vertical video for your Instagram Stories with this bundle.

13. Abstrax Titles MOGRT

It's always amazing how eye-catching text can be. This template puts that effect on full display. Vertical versions of the text animation are ready to use in this template. It's easy to type over the placeholders and bring your text to life.

14. Christmas Wreath Titles

These festive titles bring holiday cheer to your social media vertical videos. Each one is animated, and the text is editable so you can share a unique holiday message. It's a great option for sharing joy with your followers later in the year.

The Best Source for Vertical Video Templates for Premiere (With Unlimited Downloads)

As you saw in this article, all of these video templates have a common source: Envato Elements. It's the best value for creatives thanks to its all-you-can-download license.

Envato Elements vertical video templatesEnvato Elements vertical video templatesEnvato Elements vertical video templates
Envato Elements gives you access to an unlimited number of assets for a single flat rate.

When you subscribe to Envato Elements, you unlock everything. That includes not only vertical video templates but plenty of other assets:

  • Music and audio to spice up your mobile-friendly video
  • Motion graphic templates to add to your vertical video production
  • Stock video footage to complement and round out your vertical video

Instead of spending your time recreating the wheel, hand off the heavy-lifting of video production to a pre-built template. Just download, add your details, and export a finished video. Production takes minutes, not hours when you start with a template.

Download Free Portrait Mode Video Footage

Looking for a free alternative? Try a vertical video download from Mixkit, the best place to go on the web for free stock footage.

free vertical stock videofree vertical stock videofree vertical stock video

More Top Premiere Pro Templates

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