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Using Flags to Control Reflections in the Studio

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In this video, you'll get a first hand look at how flags work. Flags are simple dark or light pieces of cardboard or plastic that are used to control the reflections on shiny objects. I'll be photographing some custom jewelry provided by Nikki Zehler to showcase how your photos can be improved by the use of flags.


Materials and Equipment

The great thing about flags is that can be made from just about any material. If I'm in need of one, I usually just reach for whatever is laying around. In this case, I used a simple shirt box lid. One side is white, the other dark brown. It worked great for both a light and a dark flag. Of course, I utilized some other gear for the shoot as well.

  • Backdrop stand
  • Grey seamless paper backdrop
  • Impact 100w/s monolight
  • Light stand
  • 24 inch softbox

Watch the Full Tutorial

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