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Video Introduction to Digital Photography Part 3: Essential Settings

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This post is part of a series called Photography Jumpstart.
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Today we're concluding our three-part video introduction to the fundamentals of photography. This final instalment will be investigating white balance, ISO, and the relative benefits of RAW and JPEG.

Video Outline

In this final video, we'll be looking at White Balance, ISO, and the benefits of shooting RAW over JPEG:

  • White Balance: Investigating presets and how they work, along with when you should choose to use a particular setting over another. We'll use one photo to see how each different White Balance setting affects the outcome.
  • ISO: What is ISO, what's a "stop", and how can it help you shoot in low light conditions? We'll also investigate the trade off with ISO - noise.
  • Benefits of RAW: What are the different file formats available on your SLR, and why does RAW have an advantage over JPEG?

Watch the Video

How Has This Series Helped You?

I'd love to know how useful you've found this "Introduction to Digital Photography" series. Even if you're not a "beginner", let us know whether you'd have liked to have this guide available when you were first starting out. Your thoughts are really appreciated!

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