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Voice-Overs in 60 Seconds

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Voice-Over in 60 Seconds

A voice-over is the unseen person who narrates; that could be in a commercial, a documentary or even in fiction. Find out more about voice-overs here, in 60 seconds.

More Detail

Learn more about Voice-Overs on Tuts+:

60 Seconds?!

This is part of a new series of quick video tutorials on Tuts+. We’re aiming to introduce a range of subjects, all in 60 seconds—just enough to whet your appetite. Let us know in the comments what you thought of this video and what else you’d like to see explained in 60 seconds!

Closed Captions

00:00:02,129 --> 00:00:07,109
The voiceover is the unseen person who
narrates. That could be in a commercial, a

00:00:07,109 --> 00:00:12,080
documentary, or even in fiction. The right
voice with the right tone, pace, and

00:00:12,080 --> 00:00:16,699
character for your project will result in
a polished and professional result. The

00:00:16,699 --> 00:00:20,599
wrong or amateur voice will possibly
destroy everything else you put into

00:00:20,599 --> 00:00:21,550
your project.

00:00:21,550 --> 00:00:26,789
Voiceovers use a variety of keywords to
get the tone right. Producers will tell

00:00:26,789 --> 00:00:32,399
the artist to be assuring, aggressive,
friendly, authoritative, and so on.

00:00:32,399 --> 00:00:35,880
When looking for the right voice, you
have to ask yourself some key questions.

00:00:35,880 --> 00:00:41,920
Who is my intended audience and what
type of voice will relate to them best?

00:00:41,920 --> 00:00:46,200
Would the information be best relayed by a man or a woman? Someone older or

00:00:46,200 --> 00:00:46,890

00:00:46,890 --> 00:00:52,160
How will the voice fit best with the rest
of the production? The technical quality

00:00:52,160 --> 00:00:56,740
of the recording is also essential. Take
time choosing your voice-over and know that

00:00:56,740 --> 00:01:01,430
they will carry the narrative. Make that
choice very carefully and never as a

00:01:01,430 --> 00:01:05,970
rushed afterthought. I'm Mark Thorbun, and that was voice-overs in 60 seconds.

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