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Walk and Talk: How to Film Dialogue in Motion

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A favorite shot used by handheld videographers is the walk-and-talk with two people. It’s an interview in motion, dropping your audience right into the middle of the conversation. Although it can be tricky, with a little planning you’ll be filming amazing walk-and-talk scenes in no time.

It’s hard to capture a scene like this in one continuous frame—plus, it gets boring to watch. The best practice is to grab multiple angles (pans, close-ups, and cutaways) while keeping the camera rolling. In the editing process, you can splice the footage together to create a professional, engaging video. It’s also a good idea to signal to your subjects where to stand and which way to move. If you don’t want to edit out sounds of you speaking, devise hand signals beforehand to silently guide them.

As with any handheld video, it’s best to hold the camera close to your chest to reduce motion. Use a wide-angle lens or setting if you can, and keep your auto-focus turned on. Even if you’re filming static subjects as they stand and speak, try moving or shooting different angles to conceal any unwanted camera movement. One last point—always watch where you’re going!

For an illustration of these techniques, and many more, the video above is a great place to start. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a walk-and-talk interview using cutaways and unique angles. Watch and learn how to put these tactics into practice in your own videography.

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