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What Is Video Editing? Shots and Cuts, Trimming and Timing, or Something More?

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Video editing creates the building blocks of a story by making cuts and putting shots together: trimming your shots to just the good stuff, and then putting it all in order. 

In this video tutorial from my course, Introduction to Video Editing, you'll learn about making successful cuts. You'll also learn how to evaluate your footage for emotion, story, rhythm, eye-trace, two-dimensional plane of screen, and three-dimensional space of action.

Video editing tipsVideo editing tipsVideo editing tips

Watch the Full Course

In the full course, Introduction to Video Editing, you will learn the basics of video editing. You will learn how to import and organize your footage and assets, how to trim clips and add them to a timeline, and how to sweeten audio. 

You will also learn about color correction and grading, video effects and transitions, and more! And you will be learning all of this while you are working on footage that is provided with this course. This way you can follow along and get real, hands-on experience.

At the end of this course you will have the skills to start editing your own projects so that you can get started telling stories of your own.

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