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Workflow: When to Color Correct Your Video

When should you color correct your video? The answer depends on your editor, your workflow preferences, your space requirements, and more. 

In this short video tutorial from my course on Automatic Color Correction With DaVinci Resolve, you will learn when to color correct your video for maximum efficiency. We'll start with an overview of post-production workflow steps, and then cover export and exchange formats, re-linking your clips, and transcoding footage.

David Bode explaining color correctionDavid Bode explaining color correctionDavid Bode explaining color correction

Watch the Full Course

The full course, Automatic Color Correction With DaVinci Resolve, shows you how to automate the tedious process of video color correction using quick and affordable tools. 

You will get a brief overview of Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve software, learn how to color correct with a reference target, and discover how to export your clips back to your editor. This method takes a lot of the hassle out of color correction and gets you back to editing your project!

If you want an even faster solution, you could try some of the amazing color correction packs over on VideoHive.

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