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How To Make a YouTube Intro Video Online With Placeit Templates

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Every YouTube video needs a fitting intro to engage your audience's attention quickly if you want to make an impact. But not everyone is an animator, and you should spend your limited time building content for your YouTube channel, not graphics and visuals.

That's why it helps to use a YouTube video intro maker. You can build your video intro in less time than ever before, and you don't need to have any software installed: you can easily and quickly create great YouTube intro videos from your browser.

10 Top YouTube Video Intro Templates From Placeit

Before learning how to make a YouTube intro video using Placeit, we'll show you a selection of top YouTube video intro templates so you can see what you can do with our custom YouTube intro creator.

Remember that each of these YouTube video intro templates is just a starting point. As you'll see in the tutorial below, Placeit is robust-enough to adapt the original to any text, color scheme, and adding visuals. Make sure to play the previews, then click on the title above it to start building your YouTube intro video.

1. Cool YouTube Intro Maker with Bold Style

This YouTube intro video is perfect if you want to wow your audience. It features attractive background images with animated text and unique transitions. You can upload your own background images or choose from the library. Everything is editable in the custom YouTube intro creator.

2. YouTube Intro Maker For Streaming Channels

Your streaming channel needs a cool YouTube intro video! Check out this unique comic book intro from our YouTube video intro templates. Easily upload your own logo and customize the text and images.

3. YouTube Intro Template for Gaming Channels

Do you like clean YouTube video intro templates? This one is for you. The YouTube intro video features a round logo reveal shape as the focus. You can edit the animation as well as the background image in the YouTube video intro maker.

4. Text Animation with Confetti

Looking for YouTube video intro templates with text? This YouTube intro video lets your text shine with a simple confetti animation as background. You can edit the text as well as your logo and colors using the custom YouTube intro creator.

5. YouTube Ad Intro Maker

If you've got an online business, this YouTube intro video is perfect as promo or ad. YouTube video intro templates from Placeit are fully editable to your needs. Check this out!

6. Animated Intro Maker

This YouTube intro video is especially designed for beauty channels. It features beautiful images, smooth animations and text. Edit it to your liking in our YouTube video intro maker.

7. Data Teaser Slideshow Maker

Looking for YouTube video intro templates to display or visualize data? This YouTube intro video is your best bet. Show your most important numbers in this clear slideshow from our YouTube video intro maker.

8. Text Animation Maker

Need clean YouTube video intro templates with animated text? Check this YouTube intro video with vibrant colors. Upload your logo and change the colors in the custom YouTube intro creator.

9. Intro Maker for a YouTube Music Channel

Music channels need dynamic YouTube video intro templates. This one is especially created for music channels. The YouTube intro video is fast and dynamic and fully customizable.

10. Logo Reveal with Explosion Animation

What about hot YouTube video intro templates? This YouTube intro video features an explosion that will reveal your logo and channel. Don't forget to customize it using the YouTube video intro maker.

How to Make a YouTube Intro Video Online

You've seen some top YouTube video intro templates from Placeit. Now, if you want to learn to make YouTube intro videos with Placeit, here's a detailed tutorial.

We're going to use Placeit, a service which includes a browser-based video-editing tool that you can use to build and customize many types of video projects, including YouTube intros.

What I love about Placeit is that it eases the learning curve that comes with so many creative apps. Instead of learning yet another tool outside of your comfort zone, you can build creative assets in your web browser. Start with a template, add your tweaks, and export a finished video.

Placeit browser based makerPlaceit browser based makerPlaceit browser based maker
You don't have to use a video editing app to build a YouTube intro - Placeit's editor lives right inside your web browser. 

Let's walk through how you can use Placeit to make YouTube intro videos for your channel.

1. Start With a Template

Learning how to make a YouTube intro video is easy. The key to taking on creative projects that are outside of your comfort zone is to use templates. It gives you the guideposts for a project but still allows you to inject your elements. 

Jump over to Placeit's YouTube intro video selection to check out the included templates (or click one of the examples above). Hover over the previews to see the starting points for a YouTube intro.

YouTube intro templates on PlaceitYouTube intro templates on PlaceitYouTube intro templates on Placeit
Placeit has quite a few projects that are the perfect starting point for use as a YouTube intro.

The starting template doesn't have to mirror your exact creative vision. Colors, graphics, and text are all adjustable. Look for an overall style or a couple of critical elements that you like, and leave the rest to the customization process.

Later on this tutorial, I'll feature 10 of my favorite options on Placeit. Also, make sure to check out the round-up below:

2. Customize the Background

To set the stage for your video, you should change the background to match your channel's purpose. In my example, I'll build an intro that could be used for the ever-popular food channel.

On the right side of Placeit's video tool, choose an option on the Background panel. You can choose from built-in options with each preset. Make sure to search for additional presets in the search box.

Update background imageUpdate background imageUpdate background image
Update the background image on the right side to set the stage for your video.

Best of all, you can also upload your image or footage. Just click on Custom Image or Video to browse to an asset on your device.

3. Add Your Logo and Update Text

In my example template, the text on the template is controlled by a logo. The placeholder logo is easy to replace by clicking on the Upload Image option on the left side of your browser. Crop the image as needed using the pop-up window.

Update Logo PlaceitUpdate Logo PlaceitUpdate Logo Placeit
Crop your logo so that it uses as much of the canvas as you want.

After you upload your clip, make sure to press Preview Full Video. Your example clip will refresh and update, and play with the changes you've made.

Placeit example updatedPlaceit example updatedPlaceit example updated
Make sure to click Preview Full Video to update your preview and see the changes you've made.

Many templates on Placeit will have text boxes on the left side. For those templates, you can type in the placeholder boxes to swap in your text choices. 

Keep in mind: Placeit also has logo-making options. You could choose to build your logo and create an intro video all with one subscription. Check out the example below to learn more.

4. Add Audio

Audio is a must to grab an audience's attention, and luckily, Placeit has a ton of tracks built in. Click on the Add Audio button the right side to start browsing for an audio track. 

Choose audioChoose audioChoose audio
Choose from Placeit's audio library to add a bit of flair to your intro.

To save time while you're browsing, filter by genre on the left side. It's always helpful to choose a type of audio that matches your channel's style. Then, click Select to add it to your video!

5. (Optional) Add Additional Slides

At this point, the YouTube intro is far enough along to use as a final product. However, in Placeit's video maker there is flexibility to add additional content called slides. It's best to keep your YouTube intros short and sweet, but I can see using this option for special purpose intros in your biggest productions.

At the bottom of the Placeit maker, click on the Add Slide button. This will open a new window where you can choose another animation to add to your intro video. Just click on one to start customizing this second slide.

Add Slides PlaceitAdd Slides PlaceitAdd Slides Placeit
If you want to extend your intro, add slide from the selections available.

Now your second slide will appear on the timeline below the preview. Click on it to start customizing it. When you download the finished video, both slides will be included in the final rendered video.

6. Download the Finished Video

Once you've finished your video, it's time to download it so that you can begin using it as a part of your YouTube channel. Click on Download Full Video above the preview, Placeit will start rendering the finished video in the background.

When the video finishes rendering, you'll get an email and notification in your browser that the intro is rendered. Download the finished video and start using it now!

Design a YouTube Intro Video Easily

As you've seen in this round-up, it's easy to make YouTube intro videos using Placeit. Check out these other learning resources that can help you take your presence on YouTube to the next level:

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva. Maria is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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