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15 Top Superhero-Inspired After Effects Video Templates

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Heroes, Heroes, Everywhere

The world has gone mad for superheroes and we can't turn on our TVs now without seeing someone trying to save the world... or destroy it. Get yourself bang on trend with our roundup of Envato Market After Effects Templates. They're super (sorry).

1. 25 SuperHero Trailer Titles Pack

With titles inspired by iconic characters, you won’t be short of effects with Superhero Trailer Titles Pack. The template promises to be easy to use, and comes with a help file in case you get stuck.

25 SuperHero Trailer Titles Pack25 SuperHero Trailer Titles Pack25 SuperHero Trailer Titles Pack
25 SuperHero Trailer Titles Pack by Envato and xFxDesigns

2. Superhero Games Trailer - Cinematic Titles

This dynamic title sequence and 3D intro opener will give your project an eye-popping cinematic feel. The template includes 8 placeholders and 17 textholders, so you can customise until your heart’s content!

Superhero Games Trailer - Cinematic TitlesSuperhero Games Trailer - Cinematic TitlesSuperhero Games Trailer - Cinematic Titles
Superhero Games Trailer - Cinematic Titles by Envato and Maksmovie

3. Cinematic Light Rays Logo

This nifty template works with any logo or text, without the need for further plugins. The Cinematic Light Rays download comes with a video tutorial to guide you through the editing process.

Cinematic Light Rays LogoCinematic Light Rays LogoCinematic Light Rays Logo
Cinematic Light Rays Logo by Envato and piktufa

4. Superhero Logo

Animate your logo in true superhero style with this template. If you don’t have a logo, not to worry, this works with text, too and includes two versions in an elegant, 3D style.

5. Heroes Logo

Fully customisable, the Heroes Logo download allows you to make changes to colour, duration, camera and even animation styles—allowing for a fully flexible project.

Heroes LogoHeroes LogoHeroes Logo
Heroes Logo and hgungor

6. Epic Trailer

This project requires the Element 3D v2 plugin, but once installed you can sit back and enjoy your full HD, customisable, Epic Trailer.

Epic TrailerEpic TrailerEpic Trailer
Epic Trailer by Envato and PROSPEKT_PL

7. The Amazing Spider Web - Intro / Credits

Get the Peter Parker feeling with this Amazing Spider Web Intro and Credits sequence. In full HD and with no plugins required and a tutorial included, your project will soon scream superhero.

The Amazing Spider Web - Intro  CreditsThe Amazing Spider Web - Intro  CreditsThe Amazing Spider Web - Intro  Credits
The Amazing Spider Web - Intro / Credits by Envato and byDimas

8. Galaxy Adventure

This download includes 6 placeholders which are easy to customise. Inspired by Star Trek, your project will boldly go where no credits have ever gone before… ahem.

Galaxy AdventureGalaxy AdventureGalaxy Adventure
Galaxy Adventure by Envato and WesJamesMarsh

9. The Zombie World: Season 2

Cash in on zombie fever with this fully customisable template, updated from the original Zombie World. The download includes 23 horror footage scenes and 30 placeholders so you can have your audience shivering behind their blankets in terror.

The Zombie World Season 2The Zombie World Season 2The Zombie World Season 2
The Zombie World: Season 2 by Envato and WesJamesMarsh

10. Dark Logo

Dark Logo is perfect for dark, cinematic or dramatic logo reveals. You won’t need a plugin to use this and a handy video tutorial is included, as are links to the music and sounds used.

Dark LogoDark LogoDark Logo
Dark Logo by Envato and PROSPEKT_PL

11. Glitch Action Trailer

The Glitch Action Trailer template includes 20 media holders for videos or photographs, perfect for movie trails, openers or video presentations. A step-by-step tutorial is included to guide you through the process.

Glitch Action TrailerGlitch Action TrailerGlitch Action Trailer
Glitch Action Trailer by Envato and PROSPEKT_PL

12. Cinematic Trailer

At a minute long, this Cinematic Trailer template is perfect for teasing your audience about what’s to come. Add a little class and mystery to your project, the download is easy to edit and no plugins are required.

Cinematic TrailerCinematic TrailerCinematic Trailer
Cinematic Trailer by Envato and PROSPEKT_PL

13. Dark City

Show your creativity with the Dark City template. With 10 uniquely animated scenes, you can change colours, titles and photographs to create something truly bespoke for your project.

Dark CityDark CityDark City
Dark City by Envato and 15owls

14. Mysterious Titles

It’s no mystery why we love this title sequence! With eye-catching colours and strong graphic design elements, your project can’t fail to stand out.

Mysterious TitlesMysterious TitlesMysterious Titles
Mysterious Titles by Envato and 15owls

15. Last Hero II (The Final Battle)

With 29 scenes and 22 pieces of animated ink footage, you can create something memorable and unique with Last Hero II. Simply add your own images, text and music. 

Last Hero II The Final BattleLast Hero II The Final BattleLast Hero II The Final Battle
Last Hero II (The Final Battle) by Envato and Wayman

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