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3 Top Mukbang Video Templates for After Effects

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Mukbang (Korean: mʌk̚.p͈aŋ) originated in South Korea and is a live video broadcast in which the host interacts with their audience while eating huge amounts of food. Roughly translated as ‘eating broadcast’ Mukbang is really popular, with some of the well-known hosts racking up millions of views… and dollars!

We’ve put together some of our favourite After Effects templates to help you spice up your Mukbang video, plus some bonus assets.

Korean Foods V3Korean Foods V3Korean Foods V3
Korean Foods V3 available from Envato Elements

3 Top Mukbang Video Templates for After Effects

Give some of our best templates for After Effects a try, available from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

1. Mukbang Food Youtube Intro

Try this After Effects template made with Mukbang in mind.  Just drop your photos or footage into the template, edit the text and add your own audio. You won’t need any plugins to use this and there’s a help file included to get you started.

2. Food Broadcast Package

Try a bright and colourful broadcast package for your Mukbang video channel. The After Effects template has full colour control, no plugins are required and it’s available in both HD and 4k. There’s plenty of space for footage, photos and even recipes.

Food Broadcast PackageFood Broadcast PackageFood Broadcast Package
Food Broadcast Package

3. Youtube Food Intro

With a place for your logo as well as 9 text placeholders and 4 image placeholders, this YouTube intro for After Effects would suit any food related or Mukbang show. Designed in white and red it’s tasteful but still fun.

Youtube Food IntroYoutube Food IntroYoutube Food Intro
Youtube Food Intro

Try More Mukbang Resources

The following assets and templates are all from Envato Elements and included in a monthly subscription.

Pizza - Youtube – Stock Footage

Cute or creepy depending how you look at it, but this little Pizza 3D character will certainly add *something* to your Mukbang video.

Hot Heat - Spicy Chili Font

A fun, spicy font inspired by a chili sauce drip and the shape of a chili.

Hot Heat - Spicy Chili FontHot Heat - Spicy Chili FontHot Heat - Spicy Chili Font
Hot Heat - Spicy Chili Font

Youtube Thumbnail - Food Videos

Try these PSD YouTube Thumbnail templates for your food channel.

 Youtube Thumbnail - Food Videos Youtube Thumbnail - Food Videos Youtube Thumbnail - Food Videos
YouTube Thumbnail - Food Videos

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More Tasty Templates

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