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Food and Cooking YouTube Channels: How and Why to Use Video Templates

Let your talent shine through when it comes to your cookery show or food-related YouTube channel by trying a template!

Why Should I Use a Template?

Templates are a great way to make a video that looks great and shows off your skills. Here are some reasons to think about using a template for your YouTube cookery channel.

  1. It’s cost-effective. If you don’t have the budget to hire a designer, then using a template—particularly those that are part of a subscription—can be a great labour-saver: you get great design at a fraction of the cost.
  2. You have control without needing to know design or video software inside out. Many templates allow you to use ‘drag and drop’ facilities and have detailed modular controls, so you can create something quickly and easily.
  3. Starting from scratch can be hard; a template gives you a good jumping off point and can provide inspiration to work out what you want.

How to Create a Look for Your Cooking YouTube Videos

Here are some of our top tips when you’re making your videos:

Plan, Plan, Plan

You are no doubt, brilliant at what you do, but unforeseen circumstances happen to us all and you don’t want to have to start from scratch. Plan out your video – make a storyboard if it helps – and script what you’re going to say, even if that’s just loose notes you can follow if you’re a confident presenter. Having these written elements worked out in advance will help you work out what the visual elements of your production need to communicate.

Get Some B-Roll

Make life easier on yourself with those tricky edits by getting plenty of b-roll as you go along. You might find you have to do certain steps a couple of times to get everything you need, but it’ll be worth it! Try downloading some high-quality stock footage from Mixkit, which offers free HD videos across a variety of subject areas.

Ingredients for cooking
Ingredients for cooking by Vell, Envato Elements.

Use a Second Camera

It’ll up the interest in your visuals if you add a second camera. If possible, having one shoot from above can be very effective… like a moving flat lay!

Use a Tripod

Like poor sound, wobbly footage is bound to have an audience switching off, so be sure to get steady and stable images by using a tripod and keep anything hand-held to a minimum.

Try Some Cookery-Themed Templates

At Envato Elements there’s so much choice when it comes to food and cooking templates, and you can download as many as you like once you’re subscribed. Here are three great examples made for Adobe After Effects:

1. Cook With Us - Cooking TV Show Package

Cook With Us is a great bumper designed specially for cooking shows. It’s fully customisable and all of the elements – like vegetables and fruits – are included. There are also two lower third options and a recipe board.


2. Cooking Classes

This template is perfect to use as a promo for your cooking show – it has placeholders for text over your footage, so you can include information or recipes to go with what you’re demonstrating.


3. Cooking Show Intro

Make your intro an appetising one with this After Effects template. Add your own footage for a fast-paced, mouth-watering opener.


 More Help With Your YouTube Videos

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