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10 Top YouTube Outro Video Templates for Premiere Pro

1. What’s an Outro?

You’ll no doubt introduce all your YouTube videos when you start them, but thinking about how to end them is a little trickier. Wrapping up your video neatly is just as important as getting the intro right, and creating an ‘outro’ (sometimes referred to as an ‘end slate,’ that you use across all your videos, can really help. It generally takes the form of a short slide that includes links and a call to action.

Outro video motion graphic

2. How to Create an Outro for YouTube Video

After you’ve given your subscribers some great video content, the last thing you want is for that to fall off a cliff, so creating a structured way to end your video is sensible, and will help with your brand continuity.

A good outro also gives your subscribers, fans, and potential new followers a call to action—like watching another of your videos, or subscribing to your channel via a button.

Some things to consider when making your outro:

  • Keep it short: under 10 seconds is ideal
  • Simple designs get more engagement—don’t crowd your outro with information
  • Keep your branding and imagery consistent
  • Make sure your call to action is as relevant to the video as possible, so link to similar videos, relevant products and so on

3. Try a Template

Using a template can help you achieve consistency and high-quality, professional results quickly and easily. Here are 10 great template examples of Adobe Premiere Pro templates that can help you with your YouTube outro. These are all available from Envato Elements, where you can download as many as you like for a monthly subscription.

1. Overlays Generator

This pack of overlays for Premiere Pro contains light leaks, shapes, grids, and much more. Perfect for adding a little pep to your outro.


2. Youtube Promo

Make a short YouTube outro with this slideshow template created in ‘interactive’ style. It’s dynamic, colourful and engaging.


3. Glitch Logo Reveal

Include a funky, glitch-style logo as part of your outro on your Youtube video with this Premiere Pro template. It’s a great one for gaming and tech videos in particular.


4. YouTube

This template is based around promoting your YouTube channel, but would also work well as a short, snappy outro.


5. Colorful Opener

Opener templates generally work well for outros too, and help you keep everything consistent. This opener is colourful and fun, with a really fresh feel.


6. Lava Broadcast Package | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

The Lava Broadcast Package is a motion graphics template to help you add information to your video. Try it on your YouTube outro to help fans find more great videos from you.


7. Youtube Promo

This promo is a spinning cube style, with placeholders for video on each ‘face’. Tease more videos in your outro and help potential subscribers see what you have to offer.


8. Youtube Logo Reveal

This simple and stylish logo reveal is designed specifically for your YouTube channel. Use it as part of your intro and outro for consistency and to help cement your brand.


9. Particle Swish Title

Get swept away by a fancy particle reveal for either your brand name, logo or video title. Great for both YouTube intros and outros.


10. Minimal Logo Reveal

Keep it simple with this elegant logo reveal based around clean shapes, with a glitch effect. This Premiere Pro template would really suit tech and science videos.


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