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5 Amazing Assets to Make Mobile App Promo Videos in After Effects

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Have you had some great ideas for a mobile applications? Geo-tagging, photo sharing, editing suites... the possibilities are endless. Not only might your app make your life easier, but it could help others in your field too! We all need a hand with the technical skills sometimes, so we’ve chosen five assets from Envato Elements to help you to demonstrate your ideas and put together a professional and appealing app promo using After Effects.

1. Mobile App Promo

A modern and vibrant way to promote your app development, Mobile App Promo is a template for Adobe After Effects. Perfect for pitching the original idea to potential partners and sponsors, or just a nice way to show off a few of its features to your prospective audience.

Mobile App PromoMobile App PromoMobile App Promo
Mobile App Promo

2. Creative Process — Flat Design Concepts

With 15 animated, pre-made scenes, Creative Process – Flat Design Concepts works with After Effects to help you demonstrate your app’s potential, and development. Simply drag and drop scenes into your project and change backgrounds and text to suit.

Creative Process - Flat Design ConceptsCreative Process - Flat Design ConceptsCreative Process - Flat Design Concepts
Creative Process - Flat Design Concepts

3. Flat and Modern App Explainer

Explainers are on-trend, and, as a simple way to demonstrate your product, it’s easy to understand why. Use modern, stylish visuals to explain your app’s features and how it all works. The design is simple, keeping the focus on your app.

Flat and Modern App ExplainerFlat and Modern App ExplainerFlat and Modern App Explainer
Flat and Modern App Explainer

4. Smartphone Apps Streaming

This is a nice, looping piece of footage showing social media icons streaming out from a mobile phone. There are two different styles to choose from and the 22 seconds of video will loop seamlessly. This could work nicely as an intro or transition into another part of your app promo.

Smartphone Apps StreamingSmartphone Apps StreamingSmartphone Apps Streaming
Smartphone Apps Streaming

5. Smartphone App Marketplace Background

Slightly hypnotic, the Smartphone App Marketplace Background is a motion graphic stock video showing social media icons streaming towards you. It’s another, snazzy way to demonstrate the uses or outlets your app will use while making use of the motion to transition into the next part of your promotion.

Smartphone App Marketplace BackgroundSmartphone App Marketplace BackgroundSmartphone App Marketplace Background
Smartphone App Marketplace Background

Tuts+ Tips for Would-Be App Makers

If you think you might be intersted in making your own app, here are a few tutorials to get you started:

  • Think carefully about mounting costs, creating the app is only part of the journey. How will you host it, will it be free or paid for?
  • You’re making a promo video, so you’re already pretty great at visuals! Make sure your carry that over to your app idea—keep everything looking professional and sharp.
  • Make use of other apps that already exist. The more familiar you can be with how you use an app in your work can help you with how others might use yours.
  • Make use of photography/video networks or friends to help develop and test your ideas. It’s easy to become to close to something and it’s wise to seek the advice of other experts in your field.

Bonus App Templates for Adobe After Effects

Here are some brand new templates that have been added to Envato Elements recently. You can download as many as you like when you take a monthly subscription.

Black Mockup

Brand new to Envato Elements, Black Mockup is a sleek and sophisticated template designed to show your work off to its very best. There are 30 scenes included for laptop, phone and tablet scenarios and it's easily customised.

Black MockupBlack MockupBlack Mockup
Black Mockup

App Promo and Logo Reveal Pack

Combine promotion of your app with a cool logo reveal, with this pack for Adobe After Effects. It has eight options that you can customise, each with a contemporary, 'flat' design.

App Promo and Logo Reveal PackApp Promo and Logo Reveal PackApp Promo and Logo Reveal Pack
App Promo and Logo Reveal Pack

Pad Pro App Promo

Pad Pro App Promo is a minimal, clean template designed to show off your wares on a tablet mockup. It looks professional and stylish, with a few pops of bold colour to help your app stand out.

Pad Pro App PromoPad Pro App PromoPad Pro App Promo
Pad Pro App Promo

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