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5 Top Sans-Serif Fonts for Video

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Read Time: 4 mins

Grab attention and get the reaction you're after by choosing the perfect font for your video. Take a look at our top 5 sans-serif fonts for video and try a few on for size. All these video fonts are included in a subscription to Envato Elements.

5 Top Sans-Serif Fonts for Video


Featured Sans-Serif Font From Envato Elements

A bold and clean sans-serif font.

Blockletter sans serif fontBlockletter sans serif fontBlockletter sans serif font
Blockletter sans serif font / Envato Elements

Key Features

Inspired by Blockbuster Video, the Blockletter sans-serif font is clean and bold, with only uppercase characters and basic punctuation, although it does also include European accents, diacritics, and kerning. Perfect for video titles with dramatic impact.

  • Addition: Web Font
  • Classification: Sans-Serif
  • Author: Sharkshock
The Blockletter font is available as part of a subscription to Envato Elements

Alternative Sans-Serif Video Fonts

If this font isn't what you're looking for, don't worry—we have more great sans-serif font alternatives for you, all available as part of an Envato Elements subscription.

Good Game 

Good Game - Gaming Kids FontGood Game - Gaming Kids FontGood Game - Gaming Kids Font
Good Game - Gaming Kids Font / Envato Elements

If you're making gaming videos or streams, why not try this cool game-themed sans-serif font, with a large display size and upper/lower case included.

Movie Credits Entertainment Font

Movie Credits Entertainment FontMovie Credits Entertainment FontMovie Credits Entertainment Font
Movie Credits Entertainment Font / Envato Elements

Movie Credits is a sans-serif font with a nod to traditional film style. It has Regular and Rounded versions included, plus numbers and diacritics.

Due Credit: The Film Designer's Font 

A great sans-serif video font for those with a lot of cast and crew, Due Credit is designed to be legible while retaining a classic 'movie' feel. There are two versions included, with Light, Regular, Bold and Extra Bold weights plus an additional 'Horror' alternative style.

Averox Futuristic Sans 

Averox is a sans-serif font with a futuristic theme, perfect for those making sci-fi or science videos. OTF and TTF versions are included, as are diacritics.

Averox - Futuristic SansAverox - Futuristic SansAverox - Futuristic Sans
Averox Futuristic Sans / Envato Elements

Top Templates for Text

If you're making video and want to make your text look awesome, here are some cool templates that you might want to try. As they're available as part of a subscription to Envato Elements, why not!

Text Presets: After Effects

Create quick and easy animated text for your video, with full control over text, colours, duration, and more. There are 12 included with the download.

Text Crashed Text Animation: After Effects

An easy-to-use text animation that you can create in just one click. No plugins are required, and it works with any font.

Text Elements: DaVinci Resolve

A useful pack of text elements to help you create video lower thirds, info panels, titles, and much more.  They're clean, minimal, and easy to read.

More Top Text and Font Resources

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