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50 After Effects Video Templates to Watch on Envato Market in 2019

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We know you'll be geared up and ready to create some amazing video productions in 2019, so let us help you with 50 of our favourite Adobe After Effects resources from Envato Market.

In this article we're covering the top After Effects templates for these key categories: Broadcast PackagesElementsInfographicsLogo StingsOpenersProduct PromosTitles, and Video Displays.

Broadcast Packages

Having continuity across all elements of your broadcast is visually important. It not only looks more professional, but it also makes it easier to watch for your audience, and in time they'll come to recognise your distinct style. A broadcast package is a simple way to make sure your various graphics, text styles and animations have continuity and complement one another.

1. Broadcast Package

Broadcast Package is a great all-in-one, with openers, transitions, lower thirds, titles and much more. It’s completely customisable and you won’t need any plugins to use this. As a bonus, there are 11 social icons included!

Broadcast PackageBroadcast PackageBroadcast Package
Broadcast Package

2. Modern Broadcast Package

Modern Broadcast Package is a bright and contemporary and so would work particularly well with social media channels.

3. Sports Pro - Broadcast Package

If you want to showcase a sporting event then this package is perfect for you!

4. Glow TV Broadcast Package

Available in a choice of bold colours, Glow TV includes bumpers, information boxes, end credits and more.

5. World News Broadcast Package

Get your important news out fast and in style with the World News Broadcast Package which includes weather, sport and business, too.

6. Awards Ceremony

Get your glad rags on and style it out with the Awards Ceremony package for Adobe After Effects. Includes a selection of categories and overlays.

7. Fashion Package

Fashion Package is a dynamic After Effects project that works perfectly with any high energy broadcast.


Displaying data is a tricky balance between getting your information across and keeping your audience awake! Infographics are a great visual tool for showing off facts, figures and statistics in a way that will interest a viewer, inform them and best of all, help them to understand your data in a simplified, pleasing way.

8. Kinetic Typography Engine

Fresh, modern and versatile, Kinetic Typographic Engine has a choice of 18 modules, to make your story easy to duplicate and re-order. There are 5 backgrounds to choose from and 24 media placeholders for your images or video content.

Kinetic Typography EngineKinetic Typography EngineKinetic Typography Engine
Kinetic Typography Engine

9. 555 Animated Icons

Change the colours of each of these 555 Animated Icons easily with global colour control. This download is perfect for a variety of projects.

10. Corporate Typography Pack

Compose your message logically, section by section, from a duration of 5 seconds up to 3 and a half minutes.

11. Company Timeline

Company Timeline is a really nice way to visually explain your business’ history in a short, snappy way.

12. Sci-fi Interface HUD Package

With more than 200 animated elements and 12 categories, this package is a unique experience with real impact.

13. 3d Map Generator

Perfect for presentations that utilise Google Maps, 3d Map Generator works for local addresses and also includes a world map.

Logo Stings

Don't just plonk your logo on screen, make the reveal part of your brand. Many production houses slightly change how their logo is revealed depending on the style of film they're making. It's a great way to be creative and relevant to your current project, while still displaying your all-important brand.

14. Neon Light

Turn your logo into a cool and slightly retro neon sign.  Use any logo or image with alpha channel, or use masks to drawn your own image directly into After Effects – the blinking animations are generated automatically, so you can create a great effect quickly and easily.

Neon LightNeon LightNeon Light
Neon Light

15. Black Classic 3D Logo

Oozing class and charm, Black Classic is a 3D logo that doesn’t require any plugins to use it. You even get a bonus colour version.

16. Words Logo Animation

Change the template words to suit your production and watch them fly in before revealing your logo.

17. Particle Logo Formation

This creative particle reveal would suit most projects. It’s easy to insert your logo and change colours to suit.

18. LED Logo

Bright and dynamic, LED Logo has four versions to show off your logo in the best light.

19. Wall Explode

A wall is destroyed in style before revealing your logo in the resulting hole.


Where would we be without the people who create the things we just don't know we need... until we need them! No matter how great we get at titles or lower thirds, creating specific graphic elements can just be too big an ask, so it's handy to be able to choose from templates that already exist and can just be customised to suit. 

20. 14 Music Visualizers

Just place your audio track along with your chosen video or image and enjoy one of 14 Music Visualizers. All animations are driven by the sound, and you don’t need any plugins to be able to use this template.

 14 Music Visualizers 14 Music Visualizers 14 Music Visualizers
14 Music Visualizers

21. Flip Characters

Build a counter, clock or flipping message with Flip Characters for After Effects. The download includes a help guide.

22. Snow maker | Quick Snow

Create realistic snow with this nifty script for After Effects. It’s fast rendering and you can create up to 2 minutes of snowfall.

23. Social Media Bundle

A good social media pack is essential if your content makes it online. Give this a whirl; it includes elements for all the major channels.

24. Text Messages

Create realistic text conversations with this handy template for After Effects. This version now also includes social media messaging.

25.  Photo Animator

Create realistic movement in your still images with the Photo Animator; including camera movement and focus shift.


Your opener is your first chance to capture your viewer's attention and impress them. Try opener templates that fit your genre of movie and add professionalism and style to the production.

26. Opener

Stylish and fun, Opener for Adobe After Effects is fully editable, featuring wavy transitions. It’s fully editable and you won’t need any external plugins to get started with it. The placeholders take video or photographs so it’s great for a wide range of films.


27. Rhythmic Opener

Just place your images or video into the 36 placeholders and enjoy a full HD opener that syncs movement to your music track.

28. Adventure Titles

Forget second breakfast and get started on your big adventure with this title set; create something epic!

29. Fast Opener

Buckle up for this fast-paced, easily customisable opener. With smooth animation and drag-and-drop media capabilities, what’s not to love?

30. Opener

An energetic and fun opener, this template would work well for everything from cookery shows to showing off your holiday snaps.

31. Vlog Opener

Vlog Opener has a minimal, modern design that exudes professionalism. There’s a vertical format included too, for mobile phone targeted videos.

32. Science Opener

Great for a science or tech video, Science Opener has 11 media placeholders and 15 textholders, all laid out in a modular structure.

Product Promo

Showing off your product in a professional, creative way is an integral part of marketing. Using a slideshow means you can choose something that looks great and is as easy to use as dragging and dropping your product images or video into the placeholders provided.

33. Lopo | Isometric Explainer Kit

Something a little different from the usual explainer kits, Isometric Explainer Kit makes use of the en vogue pixelated design, with 24 pre-made, customisable scenes. There are a huge 100 unique elements to mix and match, so you can keep creating great content without your video looking tired.

Lopo  Isometric Explainer KitLopo  Isometric Explainer KitLopo  Isometric Explainer Kit
Lopo | Isometric Explainer Kit

34.  Hands Promotion Pack

This promotion pack is a fun and yes, perhaps a little unnerving, but that’s just part of its unique charm!

35. Travel Agency Advert

Use provided cut-outs, or create your own with the Travel Agency Advert template for After Effects. Major landmarks are included!

36. iMock-Up Real Footage Vol 1

Real footage and genuine depth of field make these mock-ups high-quality and professional. Just drag and drop your content.

37. Magazine Mock-Up KIT

Display full-page images or promote your real magazine with this mock-up kit. There are 5 pre-made options to choose from, each of a different duration.

38. Phone 7 App & Gestures Video Kit

If you’re an app whizz or have a client who is, then show off your product in style with the Phone 7 App which includes the most common phone hand gestures, like swipe and pinch.


Consistency is key with titles, but you don't want them to be boring either. A great titles template is one that offers a recognisably uniform style but offers the flexibility of subtle changes like colour, so that you can make it right for your video.

39. Mondo Plus

Mondo Plus makes use of an original animated typeface, creating a dynamic and dramatic title sequence for your project. In stark black on white, it packs quite the punch and is bound to grab your audience’s attention.

Mondo PlusMondo PlusMondo Plus
Mondo Plus

40. Wedding Titles

Get professional, impressive results with Wedding Titles – really show off your footage at its best.

41. Horror Titles

Terrify your horror movie audience with Horror Titles, which use motion-tracked footage for a realistic and creepy effect!

42. Organic Glitch Titles

Really nicely made, Organic Glitch Titles are a slightly different twist on the usual glitch style. There’s a light version included as an extra.

43. Insane

Enchanting and a little hypnotic, Insane is a gentle title sequence that doesn’t require any plugins to use.

44. 78 Title Animation Pack

With 78 options, you can create new title sequences time and time again using the same pack; nifty!

Video Displays

If you're showing off images or video in a slideshow then why not do it with one that's themed to the style of your project? A template is a time-saving way to display your wares and make a nice-looking end product to boot.

 45. Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer has 90 video placeholders and takes you through an impressive, 3D environment filled with screens. There are flares and particles included but you won’t need to download the plugins if you use the pre-rendered version included in the download.

Soul SurferSoul SurferSoul Surfer
Soul Surfer

46. 3D Photos Slideshow

Great for video or photographs, 3D Slideshow is a gentle scroll through options before the camera focuses in on one, then we repeat. Great as a standalone slideshow or as an intro to your project.

47. Fashion Slideshow

With images moving both horizontally and vertically, Fashion Slideshow is a visual treat.

48. Watercolor & Ink Slideshow 2

An artistic and creative slideshow, Watercolour & Ink includes paint, ink and brush elements to help you design your perfect piece.

49. Lantern Night - Wedding Photo Gallery

Lantern Night truly is an elegant and stylish presentation. Not just for weddings, it’s perfect for graduations, anniversaries and much more.

50. Mosaic Photo Reveal

Choose from 50, 100, 150 or 200 photographs or videos to add to your mosaic and they’ll resize to fill automatically.

More Great After Effects Resources

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