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50 Top Video Project Templates for After Effects in 2021

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Are you looking to create some fantastic video productions in 2021? Let us help you along with with 50 of our favourite ready-made Adobe After Effects templates. In this article, we're covering the top After Effects templates for these categories: broadcast packageselementsinfographicslogo stingsopenersproduct promostitles, and video displays.

The following projects come from Envato Elements, where you can download as many templates as you like for one low monthly subscription. I've also found great options from Envato Market, where you can pay as you go for assets.

Top Broadcast Kits and Channel Packs for After Effects

Having continuity across all elements of your broadcast is important. It looks more professional, but it also makes it easier to watch for your audience. A broadcast package is a simple way to make sure your various graphics, text styles and animations have continuity and complement one another.

1. News Channel Pack

What's happening in the world is always changing and shifting. The modern News Channel Pack reflects that well. This is a cool and fast-paced broadcast package that features dynamic effects. It includes an opener, quotes, special reports, lower-thirds, and much more. It’s easy to customize and add to your project.

2. The Complete World Weather Forecast Toolkit

Everything you need for a weather-based broadcast, this forecast toolkit is professional and easy to understand.

3. Trap YouTube - Like Share Subscribe

The Trap YouTube broadcast pack is visually interesting and can be customized to suit your channel's unique style.

Trap YouTube After Effects Project Template DownloadTrap YouTube After Effects Project Template DownloadTrap YouTube After Effects Project Template Download
Trap YouTube - Like Share Subscribe

4. My TV Broadcast Package

My TV is a modern and minimal broadcast package for After Effects, with bags of style.

5. Urban Broadcast

Urban Broadcast is too cool for school, as well as being easy to set up and use; perfect!

6. Broadcast Package (Envato Market)

Includes the broadcast standards of openers, transitions, lower thirds and so on, but also with 11 social icons to help you cross-promote your channels.

7. Cook With Us—Cooking TV Show Package

Create a stunning-looking cookery show with the Cook With Us package, complete with fruit and veg bumper; cute!

Video Thumbnail

Top Design Elements for After Effects

Where would we be without the people who create the things we just don't know we need... until we need them! No matter how great we get at titles or lower thirds, creating specific graphic elements can just be too big an ask. It's handy to be able to choose from templates that already exist and can just be customized to suit. 

8. Audio Visualizer

One of my favourite ever templates, Audio Visualizer has super-cute animations reacting to music. Just add your audio, logo and change colours to create something fun and unique. Best of all, there are six animation ‘monsters’ to choose from.

Audio VisualizerAudio VisualizerAudio Visualizer
Audio Visualizer

9. Healthcare - Flat Concept

This animated healthcare-themed project can help make tough topics easier to understand for your audience.

10. Design and Development Animation | After Effects

The Design and Development Animation template features multiple elements for all types of video projects made in After Effects.

11. Typo Lower Thirds

In this case, yes, it is a typo. This lower-thirds bundle has something for everyone, and features customizable options that are filled with energy.

12. Earth Horizon

Take an Earth Horizon and sprinkle it with optical flares, sunrise/sunset options and throw in some continents.

13. Infinity Tool - The Biggest Pack for Video Creators (Envato Market)

Shapes, speech bubbles, countdown clocks, call outs, film credits... you name it and it's likely this huge elements pack has it!

Top Data Visualization Templates for After Effects

Displaying data is a tricky balance between getting your information across and keeping your audience awake! Infographics are a great visual tool for showing off facts, figures and statistics in a way that will interest a viewer. Inform them with these templates.

14. HUD Dashboard Infographics

A heads-up display (HUD) is a way to share useful data without taking up too much space. This After Effects template takes that approach to get your information across in style. The flat design is unique and modern, and is also easily customizable.

15. Corporate Infographics Charts Pack

Corporate looks cool with this infographics pack. Mix and match 90 compositions for modern, professional results perfect for business presentations.

16. USA Smart Charts Data-Driven Infographics

Show off regional stats in style with this data-driven After Effects template.

USA Smart Charts After Effects Infographics TemplateUSA Smart Charts After Effects Infographics TemplateUSA Smart Charts After Effects Infographics Template
USA Smart Charts Data-Driven Infographics

17. HUD Builder

HUD Builder has a hi-tech, futuristic appeal, great for science or tech productions.

18. Trading Infographics

Really useful for sharing financial data, including growth and fall, Trading Infographics has a number of different style options.

19. Pictogram Infographic Kit

Enjoy 150 business-themed animations, with some bonus engineering infographics included too!

20. Infographics (Envato Market)

This mega bundle has over 350 elements and scenes, so you'll be all set to create your explainer video or presentation.

Top Logo Animation Templates for After Effects

The reveal is part of the brand. Many production houses change their logo reveal slightly depending on the style of film they're making. It's a great way to be creative and relevant to your current project, while still displaying your all-important logo.

21. Blueprint Burn

The Blueprint Burn logo reveal is a sleek, stylish template. It's suited to projects centered around architecture, but it could also work well for real estate videos or graphic design companies. You can customize the logo and colours with this template.

22. Glitch Transform Logo Reveal

Create suspense with this dynamic but minimal logo reveal for Adobe After Effects.

23. Digital DNA Logo Reveal

This cool Digital DNA Logo Reveal is nicely made and features three unique animations and color themes.

24. Power Fitness Logo Intro

Power Fitness is a high-impact logo reveal designed for extreme sports and gym activities.

25. Conceptual Logo Art

Something a little different, Conceptual Logo Art is a nice piece for a festival or expo video project.

26. Cinematic Light Rays Logo Reveal

Bright rays of light burst from your logo’s position before revealing it in full, with the Cinematic Light Rays Logo Reveal.

Video Thumbnail

27. 80s Retro TV Logo (VideoHive)

Who doesn't love a splash of nostalgia, and replicating an 80s look is very 'on trend' right now!

Top Opener Templates for After Effects

The opener is your first chance to pique your viewer's attention and impress them. Try opener templates that fit your genre of movie or video and quickly add professionalism and style to the production.

28. Dramatic Historical Opener

Your film project can use this Dramatic Historical Opener. Its layered look adds depth to your subject. Share dates, historical facts, and period related photos with this template.

29. Fast Glitch Opener

Try the Fast Glitch Opener for your tech, gaming or cinematic project.

30. Stomp Intro

Stomp Intro is an easy to use dynamic After Effects opener template. Just drag and drop your media into the placeholders to create artistic effects coupled with modern design.

31. Urban Cinematic Media Opener

Grungy with pops of colour, this After Effects template is dynamic and fresh.

Video Thumbnail

32. Sci-Fi Movie Opener

Sci-Fi Movie Opener has all the drama and style of a real cinematic production.

33. Rhythmic Opener (Envato Elements)

Fast-paced and with high accuracy music synchronisation, this template is great for high-energy projects.

Top Product Promo Templates for After Effects

Showing off your product in a professional, creative way is an integral part of marketing. Using a slideshow means you can choose something that looks great. Using these templates is as easy to use as dragging and dropping your product images or video into the placeholders provided.

34. Car Rental Services Slideshow

Simply place your media into the template to create an impressive ‘explainer’ video. It’s easy to customize and quick to render, so you’ll be able to create great projects in no time at all. There’s even a step by step tutorial included to help you get started. It's perfect for car rental or rideshare services.

35. Fast Food Restaurant

This easy to use Fast Food Restaurant promo is perfect for showing off your menu and services.

36. Desktop Website Presentation 2 in 1

This unique 2-in-1 product promo template is well designed and highly customizable for your needs.

37. Real Estate Agency

Have people lining up to visit properties by showing what your agency can do.

Video Thumbnail

38. Social Media Titles Bundle

Bright and fun, this Social Media Titles Bundle is a great way to promote any product.

39. Product Promo (Envato Market)

A nice generic promo template that would suit a wide range of businesses.

Top Title Templates for After Effects

Consistency is key with titles, but you don't want them to be boring either. A great titles template is one that offers a recognizably uniform style but offers the flexibility of subtle changes like colour, so that you can make it right for your video.

40. 70 Glitch Title Animation Presets Pack | Glitch Text Maker

A modular and well-organized template, Glitch Title Animation Presets Pack is an entertaining way to introduce your project. There are six unique glitch animation styles with 70 animated text styles. Mix and match to create a unique titles set for your project.

41. Premium Typography Pack

The Premium Typography Pack makes your titles stand out with bold, modern fonts.

42. Minimal Titles Pack

Keep your project lowkey with these dynamic, minimal After Effects titles templates. Minimal Titles Pack includes 80 options for you to choose from.

43. Wedding Titles

Wedding Titles for After Effects will be a modern, elegant addition to your wedding video or special event.

44. Modern Titles

Modern Titles have a sense of luxury about them, making them perfect for anything from product promotion to event video.

Video Thumbnail

45. Neon Sign Kit (Envato Market)

Realistic neon effects await you with this After Effects template: just type your text, add details and you're good to go.

Top Templates for Video Displays (Including Slideshows)

If you're showing off images or video in a slideshow then why not do it with one that's themed to the style of your project? A video display template is a time-saving way to display your wares and make a nice-looking show to boot.

46. Dynamic Fashion

Here's a nice alternative to the usual fashion slideshows. Dynamic Fashion is all about energy and flair. Animations are fast and upbeat, and you can easily add in images and video to this After Effects template.

47. Curves Slideshow

Curves Slideshow is a fun presentation with a unique way to display your content. It features vibrant colors, fun frames, and a lot of depth!

48. Architect Slideshow

This Architect Slideshow for Adobe After Effects plays with animation, depth, and blueprints to bring your photos to life.

49. Creative Slideshow

Creative Slideshow is really versatile. Try it for a personal presentation like a birthday, or use it to demonstrate your portfolio.

50. Film Slideshow (Envato Market)

A cinematic, high-drama slideshow which is simple to customize to fit your project.

Learn How to Make Amazing Special Effects in After Effects

If you're ready to move on to the creative aspects of video editing, we have some great step by step courses to help you learn—and the best part is, they're all included as part of an Envato Elements subscription.

If you're not quite ready for these then you may like to try Adobe After Effects for Beginners, which will take you through the basics of the software first, helping you get to know it through lessons on settings, and how to create things like masks, shapes and text.

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