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17 Awesome Templates for After Effects to Make a Product Demo Video


When you've spent time developing a new app or product, you need a way to grab attention and stand out from the crowd.

Check out the projects in this round-up for exactly that: These easy After Effects projects from Envato Market and Elements are the fastest way to create a product demo video. Just drop in your own screenshots and footage to show off that brand new product you're making, and get people excited. Make sure to play the previews below to see these projects in action!

3 Top Product Demo Templates for After Effects from Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

On Envato Elements, you can source an unlimited number of video templates for a single flat rate. Let's look at three of the best product demo templates for Adobe After Effects from Envato Elements.

1. Product Promo

Launching a mobile app or service? This might just be the right option for you. Don't worry about filming a "top-down" demo of your app in action. Instead, create a screen recording from your device, then drop it into this template.

2. Portfolio Company Promo

Flexible After Effects product templates can be re-used for many products. This one features easy-to-update logo, text, and image placeholders. Add your details, promote your product, and export a great finished promo.

3. Service or Product Promotion Presentation

Many modern businesses sell services instead of products. You still need a way to promote your "product", and that's where this template can help. Use it to show off your new business and describe your services.

14 Top Product Demo Templates from Envato Market (Pay-as-You-Go)

1. Clear Desktop Presentation Mock-up

For any product that's designed to run on a desktop computer, this After Effects demo project is a great choice. With a quick zoom and easy-to-drop-in screenshot placeholders, try this one out for your desktop app.

2. App Promo

The App Promo project is perfect for a mobile app showcase. With flashy typography and a placeholder to showcase your app on a mobile device, try this out for your next app launch.

3. Event Promo

Switching gears a bit from pure product demos, this Event Promo project is a good one to get people excited about your launch event. The energy cadence of this project is sure to build suspense for your next product launch.

4. Phone X Promo

Ready to showcase your app with a cut-out for the iPhone X's notch? Look no further than this easy project. Not only will it show your app on an iPhone mockup, there are pan and zoom effects to really hold the viewer's attention.

5. Real Estate

Real estate is nearly a special product category of its own. Even if the product sites on an acre of land, you might need to showcase it with a great-looking video. This project is the perfect way to show your property with important data on overlays.

6. The Corporate

This clean cut and simple video template is the perfect choice for your next company video. The Corporate is professional enough to use for companies of any size, and can help you showcase that product launch to your co-workers.

7. iTouch 2 App Promo Mock-Up Kit

iTouch 2 really brings a sense of your app being used in the real world. You can simply drop in a screencast recording of your app and watch in come to life as if it's in the real-world thanks to this project. No need to hire a videographer: just add your own footage.

8. Professional 3D Device Pack for Element 3D

This footage would feel right at home in an Apple commercial, but that doesn't mean that you need to hire a video team and Jony Ive to recreate it. Just add your own app footage and you'll see it animated across a variety of devices.

9. Ultimate App Promo Toolkit

Here's another great choice for seeing your app rendered beautifully in video footage up to 4k. You can add your own video and create a product demo in no time flat thanks to the Ultimate App Promo Toolkit.

10. Milano Magazine Promo

Showcasing a printed product? Milano might be the perfect way to see your product in print. Just add those screenshots and you'll see a fancy magazine mockup with almost no work.

11. iMock-Up Real Footage Vol 3 Toolkit

The product demos in this showcase frequently help you bring your product to life in the real world without having to press record, and iMock-Up is a perfect example of that. Just add your own app recordings and you'll see it carefully composited into the real world, no technical skills required.

12. Laptop Web / App Presentation

If you want your potential customer to picture using the app or product on a laptop, this is a great choice. With a slick and minimalist CG mockup, just drop your own app screenshots or demo into the project and you'll see it animated in.

13. Website Presentation

Showcase your website demo thanks to the Website Presentation project. This might be the ideal product demo for web design firms or creative agencies, as it helps your client visualize a perfect site redesign.

14. Clean App Promo

Here's another great way to view an app demo in high fidelity. With no plugs required and easy image placeholders, the Clean App promo is the perfect choice to showcase what you've been working on.

More Easy After Effects Projects

Outside of product demos, Envato Market has a wealth of After Effects projects for a

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