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26 Top Free Templates for Resolve: Graphics, Titles, Projects, and Transitions

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Limited funds don’t need to limit your productivity. We’ve scoured through MixKit’s free DaVinci Resolve templates to showcase 26 templates in four categories—graphics and titles, design elements, story templates, and transitions—that will catapult your creative project.

Mixkit is a free, curated library of high-quality stock video clips, stock music, sound effects and video templates, including resources for Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve editor. Like Tuts+, Mixkit is owned and operated by Envato.

5 Top Templates for Resolve From Envato Elements

Free DaVinci Resolve templates are great but, in case you need more, we'll start with five premium Resolve templates from Envato Elements, the curated, subscription-based creative stock service. A subscription to Envato Elements gives you unlimited downloads of hundreds of professionally designed DaVinci Resolve templates and millions of stock items, like photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, and more.

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1. Catchy Titles for DaVinci Resolve

Add some minimalist style to your text with Catchy Titles for DaVinci Resolve. There are more than ten unique title templates in this download. They all are fully animated and editable.

Catchy Ttitles DaVinci Resolve Template DownloadCatchy Ttitles DaVinci Resolve Template DownloadCatchy Ttitles DaVinci Resolve Template Download

2. Seamless Transitions

Make drag-and-drop cuts with gusto using this big pack of seamless transitions. The amount of choice you get here is hard to match.

3. Typo Logo

A quick, simple, colorful animation is perfect for sending your message in a short video. Let your customers know about a sale, new product, or upcoming event, or make a teaser video with this dynamic template.

typo logotypo logotypo logo

4. Instagram Stories

Designed for advertising sites, programs, and applications, Instagram Stories has many design options accessible via easy drag-and-drop media in placeholders and quick customization.

instagram storiesinstagram storiesinstagram stories

5. Hand Drawn Brush Tropical Logo

Hand Drawn Brush Tropical Logo shows off your logo using dynamically animated brush strokes. A cool, fun, and impressive animation, it's a nice alternative to DaVinci Resolve templates available for free download.

Tropical Themed DaVinci Resolve Logo Reveal TemplateTropical Themed DaVinci Resolve Logo Reveal TemplateTropical Themed DaVinci Resolve Logo Reveal Template

Top Free DaVinci Resolve Graphics and Title Templates From Mixkit

Nearly every video project needs a few basic graphics, so here are a few free DaVinci Resolve graphic and title templates with appealing designs to get you started.

1. Fast Intro And Twist Title

Show your title with a twist with Fast Intro And Twist Title. This DaVinci Resolve template is free and has a neat effect that's over before you know it.

2. Drop and Catch Logo Title

Innovative, eye-catching, and pretty darn cute, Drop and Catch Logo Title is almost sure to leave a long-lasting impression.

3. Thin Border Lower Third

A clean, simple lower-third graphic with color, this is a nice choice if you want a graphic DaVinci Resolve template for free.

4. Fast Text Transition Title

Transition at speed with Fast Text Transition Title. It's filled with dynamic motion and different background colors.

5. Animated Text Split Lower Third

Animated Text Split Lower Third does exactly what its name implies. Add multiple lines of text to cycle through with this free DaVinci Resolve template.

6. Simple Dot Callout

This callout features a dot pointer and space for a heading and subheading. It's also animated, like the other free DaVinci Resolve templates featured here.

7. Hidden Text Box Lower Third

Reveal your text in style with the Hidden Text Box Lower Third.

8. Twist And Drop Logo Title

Here's another twisting title template for DaVinci Resolve. It has a nice animation that drops your rotating title into the center of the scene.

Free DaVinci Resolve Design Elements, Buttons, and Prompt Templates

Design elements can help add polish to your channel, production, or broadcast.

9. Progress Radial Lower Third

This slick Progress Radial Lower Third has a cool animation. It will frame your text in a colorful, loading screen-esque design. It's one of the nice graphic DaVinci Resolve templates you can get for a free download.

10. Channel Box Subscribe Button

Put your channel front and center using this stylishly designed Channel Box Subscribe Button template. When you use this animated channel container with branding, name, tagline, and button, viewers will be hard-pressed not to subscribe.

11. Play Button Heading

Ideal for YouTube channel creators, this animation is perfect for asking your viewers to engage with your channel or other call-to-action.

play button headingplay button headingplay button heading

12. Subscriber Counter Heading

This lower third includes a counter that will let your audience see how many subscribers you have. Make sure you update those figures to get the most from this free DaVinci Resolve template!

subscriber counter headingsubscriber counter headingsubscriber counter heading

13. Dual Line Arrow Callout

When a callout with one line isn't enough, go for Dual Line Arrow Callout. Instead of a dot pointer, this one uses an arrowhead as a clever touch.

Dual Line Arrow CalloutDual Line Arrow CalloutDual Line Arrow Callout

14. Line Drop Lower Third

The Line Drop Lower Third template is a simple, minimalist choice for DaVinci Resolve. Its subtle animation has space for a heading and subheading.

DaVinci Resolve Free Templates for Instagram Stories

If you're making Instagram Story content, you can also use DaVinci Resolve. These templates are available for free, and you can download them today.

15. Clean Instagram Story

Clean and simple, this Instagram Story template lets you add a heading and subheading.

Clean Instagram Story DaVinci Resolve TemplateClean Instagram Story DaVinci Resolve TemplateClean Instagram Story DaVinci Resolve Template

16. Author Instagram Stories

Present viewers with a cozy, fireside atmosphere as you deliver your story in elegant reader style. Bonus: Story Templates includes an animated ribbon for a cool, old-school bookmark effect.

17. Box Quote Story

Box Quote Story uses strong typography to make your text stand out. It's one of the free DaVinci Resolve templates you should consider for your Instagram page.

18. Basic Story Template

Less is more with this DaVinci Resolve download. Its design is very simple, and it's easy to customize.

19. Gradient Shape Animation Story

The animated gradient here has some subtle motion that mimics swiping up on an Instagram Story.

20. Video Drop Story

Video Drop Story drops your visuals in from the top of the frame. Nice and simple, this is one of the best DaVinci Resolve effects you can get for free.

Free Transition Templates for Resolve

Transitions are key when editing video. These DaVinci Resolve effects are all free on Mixkit. Take a look and see which ones you can work with.

21. Twist Wheel Transition

The Twist Wheel Transition download uses a rotating effect with a deep blur. The results are very dynamic.

22. Distort and Twist Transition

Dazzle viewers with the impressive but deceptively simple Distort and Twist Transition template, which transitions between frames using a distort and blur with a twist to the left and a switch in focus. 

23. Motion Blur Swipe Transition

The motion blur effect of this template comes in from the right side of the screen. It pulls your audience into the next clip of your footage.  

24. Vertical Split Frame

This unique transition splits your screen in half. The left side swipes down, with the right moving up to reveal the next shot. It's one of the cool DaVinci Resolve effects you can try for free.

25. Radial Twist Transition

This transition is focused around the center of the frame and offers a real twist. This radial transformation effect is a worthwhile addition to your asset library.

26. Horizontal Split Frame

This is a very similar transition effect to the Vertical Split Frame featured earlier. The only difference is that this download is split horizontally.

horizontal split framehorizontal split framehorizontal split frame

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Download Free Video, Music, and Templates From Mixkit

Check out Mixkit for free stock videosfree stock music, and free templates for Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Envato Elements: Unlimited Downloads

Envato Elements offers millions of stock items: photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, graphics templates of all sorts, video project templates for After EffectsPremiere ProFinal Cut Pro and Motion, and creative courses from Envato Tuts+.

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