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21 Free Templates for DaVinci Resolve: Graphics, Titles, Projects, and Transitions


Limited funds don’t need to limit your productivity. We’ve scoured through MixKit’s free DaVinci Resolve templates to showcase 21 templates in four categories—graphics and titles, design elements, story templates, and transitions—that will catapult your project into creative bliss.

Mixkit is a free, curated library of high-quality stock video clips, stock music, sound effects and video templates including resources for Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve editor. Like Tuts+, Mixkit is owned and operated by Envato.

Free Resolve Graphics and Title Templates

Nearly every video project needs a few basic graphics, so here are a few graphics and titles with appealing designs to get you started.

1. Drop and Catch Logo Title

Innovative, eye-catching, and pretty darn cute, Drop and Catch Logo Title is almost sure to leave a long-lasting impression.

2. Thin Border Lower Third

A clean, simple lower-third graphic with color.

3. Fast Text Transition Title

4. Animated Text Split Lower Third

5. Simple Dot Callout

6. Hidden Text Box Lower Third

Free Design Elements, Buttons, and Prompt Templates for Resolve

Design elements can help add polish to your channel, production, or broadcast.

7. Channel Box Subscribe Button

Put your channel front and center using this stylishly designed Channel Box Subscribe Button template. An animated channel container with branding, name, tagline, and button, viewers will be hard-pressed not to subscribe.

8. Play Button Heading

Ideal for YouTube channel creators. This animation is perfect for asking your viewers to engage with your channel or other call-to-action .

9. Three Heading Callout

Call-outs can be useful in product videos to bring attention to specific features or aspects of an item. This template will help you explore your product with a bit of color flair.

10. Subscriber Counter Heading

11. Dual Line Arrow Callout

Free Story Templates for Resolve

12. Author Instagram Stories

Present viewers with a cozy, fireside atmosphere as you deliver your story in elegant reader style. Bonus: Story Templates includes an animated ribbon for a cool, old-school bookmark effect.

13. Box Quote Story

14. Basic Story Template

15. Gradient Shape Animation Story

16. Video Drop Story

Free Transition Templates for Resolve

17. Distort and Twist Transition

Dazzle viewers with the impressive, but deceptively simple Distort and Twist Transition template, which transitions between frames using a distort and blur with a twist to the left and a switch in focus. 

18. Motion Blur Swipe Transition

19. Vertical Split Frame

20. Radial Twist Transition

21. Horizontal Split Frame

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