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7 Top Transition Preset Packs for Premiere Pro - 1 Free!

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Your footage is stellar. Your camera angles are spot-on. Your choice of lighting, color, sound—it’s all there. Now you just need the perfect transitions to link one scene to the next. There are a ton of professional, pre-made templates to get the job done. In this article, we highlight some of our favorite transition preset packs for Premiere Pro available from Envato Elements.

Featured Transition Template Pack for Premiere Pro 

Transitions Presets Pack

A huge pack of transition presets for Premiere Pro.

Key Features

With thousands of Premiere Pro presets to choose from, you can use these transitions in all your projects, without it ever feeling too repetitive. Effects and visual styles - including LUTs! - are in the pack too. This really is a one-stop-shop for editing films in Premiere Pro.

  • Application: Premiere Pro
  • Plugins: None required
  • Author: RDYFX
Transitions Presets Pack is available as part of a subscription to Envato Elements

Alternative Transition Presets for Premiere Pro

If our featured pack isn't quite right for you, why not try these great Premiere Pro alternatives, they're available from Envato Elements, so they're included in a monthly subscription.

Distortion Transitions Presets

Check out these cool Premiere transition presets with a distortion effect. They're easy to use and perfect for video projects that require a little drama!

The Most Useful Transitions Pack

Find the perfect transitions in this set for Premiere Pro. Choose from 300 transitions in ten categories, including motion, zoom, glitch, roll, spin, stretch and more.

3.2 Hours

Premiere Pro Free Tutorial Course

In this introduction to video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, you will learn the basics fast. In almost all cases, however, the raw video needs to be altered, trimmed, adjusted and edited, and this is a major roadblock. This free course will get you up and running with one of the most popular video editing applications today: Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Film Burns Transitions & FX Pack

    Add drama and suspense with this Premiere Pro transitions and FX pack. Beginner-friendly, with a video guide for a quick start, just drag and drop these cinematic film burn effects into your footage for clean, professional results.

    Typo Transitions

    Add text to move from one scene to the next. These stylish, creative type transitions offer you a variety of graphic options to get your point across and compel viewers to keep watching.

    Realistic Water Wave Transitions Pack

    One of our favorite transition preset templates for Premiere Pro is Realistic Water Wave Transitions Pack. Featuring a variety of different sea waves with 41 transitions, this preset pack includes waves coming from different directions with refraction effects for dynamic, exciting transitions.

    Bonus: Free Transition Preset Packs From Mixkit

    Mixkit  is another great place to get free transition templates for Premiere Pro. Here's a great example:

    Twirling Bokeh Transition

    For example, feast your eyes on this beauty: Twirling Bokeh Transition. Bright, elegant, and the epitome of innocence and hope, this transition effect explodes with bokeh, wiping the screen clean with gorgeous white light.

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