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How to Make a Video Slideshow in Adobe Premiere Pro

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A video slideshow is a way telling a story with video – even if that is adding movement to still images through transitions. Using a combination of video footage, still images, text, animations and effects, you can build something unique to share with your audience.

Why Use a Video Slideshow?

The use of video has skyrocketed over the last few years, particularly as technology is more accessible and cheaper than it used to be. Cisco predict that by 2022, video will be 82% of all IP traffic. If you have a message to share, or even if you just want to entertain, it makes sense to embrace video, and a slideshow can be a cost-effective way to do that. Even if you don't have footage to use, you can create movement from still images with effects like parallax, like this example from Envato's Slideshow Contest:

Here are some ways making a video slideshow can help your brand or business:

  • The versatility of a slideshow means you can customise it to fit a variety of scenarios, helping to drive leads or customers to your brand, product, or service
  • Slideshows are a nifty thing to include in presentations to pep them up a little whilst still keeping the overall look professional
  • A slideshow can become a sort of teaser or opener, if you have something big coming up like an event, or special release for example
  • If you’re planning to put your video on social media then you’ll encourage more engagement and get more views compared to plain text or images
Photo by Skye Studios on UnsplashPhoto by Skye Studios on UnsplashPhoto by Skye Studios on Unsplash
Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

How to Create a Stunning Video Slideshow

With developments in video and in software or apps, making a slideshow has never been easier – there are tons of options for creating something that looks great and is effective in getting your message across. If your design or video skills are limited, that’s okay, there are sites like Placeit where you can create a video slideshow right there on the site, without any need for additional software.

If you’re a little more versed in the major software suites like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, then you might find sites like Envato Market and Envato Elements have what you’re looking for.

Professionals are creating templates every day, so that you can make a video that’s of a high standard and quality, but also represents you and your brand by allowing you to make changes to colours and fonts, and add your own content.

A few things to consider when designing your video:

  • Know why you’re making your slideshow – what’s its purpose? Focus on one goal, don’t try to cover everything. You can always make more videos
  • Tell a story, whether that’s presenting a question and solving the problem, or a simple narrative, but know how you want to begin and end your slideshow
  • Keep text to a minimum. Videos should focus on great visuals and sound to convey your message
  • Be consistent. Don’t be tempted to use a massive amount of transitions or animations – it’ll look messy and unappealing
  • How will you share your video? You may need to make more than one version depending on site limitations

Video Slideshow Templates

There are so many great templates to choose from. Here are a few from Envato Elements, designed for Adobe Premiere Pro, to kick-start your inspiration.

1. Fast Slideshow Premiere Pro

This video template comes with a 4k option, and lets you just drag and drop your content into the placeholders. There’s a video tutorial included in case you need a little extra help.

Fast Slideshow Premiere ProFast Slideshow Premiere ProFast Slideshow Premiere Pro
Fast Slideshow Premiere Pro

2. Cinematic Modern Parallax Slideshow

Parallax is really popular and this template makes great use of it, allowing you to add movement to still images and text.

Cinematic Modern Parallax SlideshowCinematic Modern Parallax SlideshowCinematic Modern Parallax Slideshow
Cinematic Modern Parallax Slideshow

3. Digital Slideshow

Try a variety of trendy transitions with this slideshow template. You can use photos or videos with it, and the finished result has a cinematic feel.

Digital SlideshowDigital SlideshowDigital Slideshow
Digital Slideshow

4. Ink Slideshow

This slideshow video template is an inky work of art, with ink splat transitions and an elegant, cursive font. This would suit creative and art businesses really well.

Ink SlideshowInk SlideshowInk Slideshow
Ink Slideshow

5. Food Slideshow

Perfect for a food or recipe blog, this dynamic slideshow video for Premiere Pro is mouth-wateringly good!

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