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10 Easy Pieces: Top Corporate Slideshow Templates for Adobe After Effects


It's impossible to learn every skill you need as a creative. Animation in Adobe After Effects is one of those skills that comes with a steep learning curve.

If you don't have time to learn a brand new skill, it's far better to outsource your work. That doesn't mean you have to hire another freelancer. Instead, start with a pre-built template that you can drop your images into.

Add your own images to an animation like this for an easy video slideshow.

When your boss asks you to create a video slideshow, a template from VideoHive can make all the difference. You can simply purchase one inexpensive template and use it multiple times.

In this round-up, I'm going to sample from VidoeHive's best files for company slideshows. I'll also show you how you can download one of these templates and use your images to create a slideshow in just a few minutes.

Watch & Learn

In this screencast, I'll show you how to use one of the templates that I share in this round-up. You'll see me grab the file, open it in After Effects, and use it with my own images.


Skip the steep learning curve that comes with Adobe After Effects and use a template instead. When you consider the value of your time, it's very cost effective to purchase a template.

10 Top Templates for Corporate Slideshows

Here are ten of my favorite pieces that are available through VideoHive that work perfectly for a corporate slideshow:

1) 3D Photos Slideshow

This slideshow accommodates up to 150 images, and is easily customizable. Your images will fly by with depth and is easy to use.

3d Photos Slideshow

Good for: an animated slideshow that handles many images with depth.

2) The Slideshow

This slideshow, coupled with the proper soundtrack, perfectly sets the stage for a dramatic image montage. 

The Slideshow

Good for: Those who love clean typefaces and strong transitions.

3) Cinematic Media Opener

Here's another choice that would feel right at home as the opening for a feature film. This actually adds effects to the images to make them feel animated.

Cinematic Media Opener

Good for: really bringing a sense of excitement and motion, even to flat images.

4) Parallax Slideshow

This pack also makes simple images feel like native video with fancy zooming (parallax) effects, and you can see it shown off in the example video above.

Parallax Slideshow

Good for: exciting motion effects with standard images.

5) Year in Review

The Year in Review slideshow handles many images and parlays them into a sharp slideshow that works well for reviewing a team or company's progress at year-end.

Year in Review

Good for: your celebration or annual recap videos that include a litany of images.

6) Modern Opener - Slideshow

The Modern Opener is a great slideshow for kicking off a presentation. With clean typography and dramatic animations, this one sets the tone for your presentation.

Modern Opener Slideshow

Good for: starting off a lengthier presentation with an attention-grabbing introduction.

7) Fast and Short Slideshow

As the name suggests, this is a slideshow that "gets out of the way" for showcasing your images. With quick transitions and simplified titles, it's a great way to get a look at images.

Good for: a quick hitting slideshow to lead off a presentation.

8) Minimal Corp - Corporate Video Package

This pack truly feels like a professional corporate video roll. The graphics and "lower thirds" effects would be perfect for showcasing a product or service.

Good for: creating a serious corporate video package on a shoestring budget.

9) Elegant Slideshow

Here's another simplistic slideshow that focuses on the images you include. The transitions really can hold a viewer's attention.

Elegant Slideshow

Good for: a budget friendly video slideshow.

10) Complete Corporate Slideshow

This is another clean and company-friendly visual package. With simple, colorful graphics, it would feel right at home for a company presentation.

Complete corporate slideshow

Good for: a straight-laced and professional corporate look.

More Professional Pieces

Let's not stop here! If none of the pieces in this tutorial catch your eye, here are other round-ups that include After Effects templates. They range from title templates to logo stings, and feature the same ease-of-use.

Do you have a favorite from this piece or a question on how to use them? Let me know in the comments below.

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