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10 Top Slideshow Templates for DaVinci Resolve

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The most successful slideshows are short and to the point, with a design that supports and elevates your specific ideas. Sounds great, but where do you find such a precise gem? We sifted through all the options and came across these 10 stand-out slideshow templates for DaVinci Resolve that very well might fit the bill.

10 Top Slideshow Templates for DaVinci Resolve

These templates are from Envato Elements, the unlimited-downloads stock subscription with millions of creative assets, including graphics, video, music, photos, and hundreds of high-quality templates for DaVinci Resolve. Here are our picks for slideshow templates to try:

Slideshow – Square Photo

Looking to share the stash of square-shaped photos you’ve amassed after all these years on Instagram? Slideshow – Square Photo presents images like you’re scrolling through a family album. It’s friendly, calming, and inherently nostalgic. 

Corporate Slideshow

Perfect for start-ups or really any company, Corporate Slideshow offers a classic, handsome way of telling your business’s story and showing where it’s headed. Mark progress with timelines, layout a marketing strategy, introduce team management, reveal innovations and research, describe your customer base, and more.

Vintage Lovely Slideshow for Davinci Resolve

Vignetting, film projector bounce, dust marks, light leaks—Vintage Lovely Slideshow has all the ingredients to emulate the imperfect beauty of analog cameras. To sweeten the deal, it also includes animated flowers and leaves at the frames’ edge, resulting in major romance optics.

Simple Slideshow

Get straight to the point with this elegant, clean template. Lacking the trace of a designer’s heavy hand—but clearly the work of a talented one—Simple Slideshow steps out of the way so your words take center stage.

Emotional Memory Slideshow

Using bokeh and well-placed shadow reveals, Emotional Memory Slideshow will enhance already heartfelt footage with even more passion and sentiment. Its analog aesthetic comes off like memories replayed in your mind: incomplete and partial, but treasured and oh-so-special.

Slideshow – Elegant Plexus

Transition from one slide to the next with the intricate, captivating unfolding of a plexus abstract. As one frame sheds itself in angular, aggregating shapes, the new frame fills in, resulting in a distinctively pointed high-tech dynamism for videos and stills alike.

Digital Slideshow for DaVinci Resolve

Take full control of your slideshow in order to give it the exact look and feel you desire. Digital Slideshow for DaVinci Resolve has a modular structure for easy customization, as well as full color and duration control. Drop in any media files and this HD-resolution template is sure to dazzle.

Smooth Slideshow – Elegant Slice

This clean, modern design transitions between frames using slices of images that enter from the top, bottom, or side. Using Smooth Slideshow – Elegant Slice, stagnant images are infused with movement, suggestion, and the interplay between monochrome and color.

Elegant Grid – Photo Slideshow

Reveal your photos and videos block-by-block in the stylish grid-aesthetic of Elegant Grid – Photo Slideshow. This template empowers you to tell your unique story by customizing the look of each square in the grid and the sequence of their unveiling for the utmost visual ride.

Wedding Slideshow

Using paint brush swipes, smoke and ink blot semblances, a dose of bokeh and light leaks, Wedding Slideshow has the romantic touch for wedding slideshows, but it could also add the perfect touch to myriad other sweet occasions.  

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