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10 Top Slideshow Templates for Adobe Rush

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Slideshows are a dynamic and exciting way to show off your best images, but creating slideshows can be quite time-consuming, and sometimes it's difficult to hit the sweet spot between over-the-top and dull. An easy solution is to use slideshow templates for Abobe Premiere Rush. Happily, we have a few great ones that are available from Envato Elements to share with you. 

10 Top Slideshow Templates

Simple Slideshow Template

Don't confuse simple with boring, because the Simple Slideshow Template is anything but. It offers tons of fabulous transitions that will add energy and interest to your presentation.

Dynamic Slideshow

Never again will your slideshow drag. With this template, you can present your images in all their glory, with the dynamic transitions making it an engaging spectacle for your viewers to enjoy. Watch the preview below to see exactly what this template can do.

Inspired Slideshow

Inspired Slideshow template is a great choice for creating a lifestyle, travel, fashion, or wedding video. The transitions are wonderfully imaginative and eye-catching. Use Adobe Premiere Rush to drag and drop your own images into the template and watch it work its magic. 

Inspired SlideshowInspired SlideshowInspired Slideshow

Modern Slideshow

The example shown for this template is a fashion slideshow, but in truth this flexible template could work for pretty much any type of video. It's sleek and stylish, and it's ridiculously easy to use. Just drag and drop your content in Adobe Premiere Rush, change the placeholder text to your own messages, and you're good to go!

Modern SlideshowModern SlideshowModern Slideshow

Foodie Slideshow

Looking for a Foodie Slideshow template that you can edit in Premiere Rush? How about this one? It's not as exciting as some of the other templates featured here, but it makes up for that with a quiet elegance.

Food SlideshowFood SlideshowFood Slideshow

Creative Slideshow

Use Adobe Premiere Rush to drag and drop your photos into this fabulous template, add text if you need to, and your job is done. That's how easy it is to customise the Creative Slideshow template. 

Creative SlideshowCreative SlideshowCreative Slideshow

Warp Slideshow Template

Warp Slideshow Template takes your images to new heights with its stunning parallax transitions. Use morph, warp, and distortion as you transition from one image to the other to create a one-of-a-kind slideshow. The template also includes complementary bold text animation to overlay on each slide.

Warp SlideshowWarp SlideshowWarp Slideshow

Techno Slideshow Digital Inspiration

If you're creating a sci-fi film or just want to create a futuristic look for your next technology video, then this slideshow template is ideal. The tech graphics and futuristic text will create just the effect you want.

Techno Slideshow Digital InspirationTechno Slideshow Digital InspirationTechno Slideshow Digital Inspiration

Colorful Slideshow | Premiere Pro MOGRT

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with some bright colours and bold transitions. The liquid transition effects and colourful layouts will give your next video plenty of energy and dynamism. This is just the sort of thing you need to stand out in a crowded field.

Colorful Slideshow | Premiere Pro MOGRTColorful Slideshow | Premiere Pro MOGRTColorful Slideshow | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Urban Slideshow

After all the cheerful, bright colours in the previous template, here's something a little different. The muted colours and grunge effects give this one an instantly recognisable urban atmosphere. Try it out if you want to play off a retro urban aesthetic.

Urban SlideshowUrban SlideshowUrban Slideshow

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Share Your Craft on the Envato Forums

Finally, if you put one of these templates to use, please let us know on the Envato forums. We love to see the projects you create!

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