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3 Top Transition Presets for Final Cut Pro


Transitions animate the switch onscreen from one photo or video to another. When done well, they add stunning new creative elements to your videos. With these custom templates, you can add cool transitions in a flash. In this feature, we look at the best transition presets for Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro Zoom TransitionsFinal Cut Pro Zoom TransitionsFinal Cut Pro Zoom Transitions
These zoom transitions can really spice up a video versus using the standard fades and wipes.

Envato Elements' video project section includes templates for popular video editing apps like After Effects, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. Even for rookie video editors, these templates can help you create professional videos by giving you an easy-to-use starting point.

Premium FCPX Transitons From Envato Elements

In the series we're focusing on the best-of-the-best projects that you'll find in the Elements library. All of these projects are included as part of a subscription to Envato Elements.

Best Transitions Pack for Most People: FCPX 120+ Toolkit and Transitions

With dozens of amazing transitions, FCPX 120+ Toolkit and Transitions is the best place to start if you want a ton of options in a single pack. Included are transition effects ranging from explainers to panoramas to zooms. Try some out on your custom content and choose the ones that work best.

  • Who it's for: Anyone needing simple transitions for their Final Cut Pro project
  • Why we like it: Easy to use and not too flashy, with plenty of choice

Best Special Effects Transitions: FCP Zoom Transitions

FCP Zoom Transitions is our top choice for effects transitions in Final Cut Pro. Packed with a variety of zoom-inspired effects, this package delivers clean and smooth transitions to any project.

Best Logo Transition: Broadcast Logo Transition Pack V2—Apple Motion

Flash your logo onscreen in style with the Broadcast Logo Transition Pack. With a variety of creative options, it's a great way to add branding.

Top Final Cut Pro Transition Presets from Envato Market

Envato Elements isn’t the only place to find stunning transition presets for Final Cut Pro. You can also check out Envato Market, a great resource if you'd rather purchase templates as you need them. Envato Market offers professional templates available as individual downloads—no membership required.

Envato MarketEnvato MarketEnvato Market
You can use templates from Envato Market to upgrade your FCPX transitions.

1. Toolkit and Transitions

Dozens of custom designs and easy customizations bring tremendous value to this Final Cut Pro pack. 4K resolution makes these a great fit for any display, and you’ll find helpful tips included to help you get started.

2. Glitch Transitions

Glitch transitions bring a gritty, flashy look to any video. This template collection includes 50 of them, making it versatile enough to meet all of your production needs.

3. Liquid Transitions Pack | Apple Motion

These liquid transitions are reminiscent of cartoons and animated TV. They add fun color splashes to your productions, and can be customized in just a few clicks. Explore the many custom options to make each one your own.

Learn More About Transitions

Transitions are one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade your productions. They seamlessly introduce new content and keep your videos rolling smoothly. Choosing and creating video transitions is both art and science, as you’ll see here:

You can also use Adobe Premiere Pro to create awesome video transitions. Learn how in our new course.

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