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10 Top Transition Preset Packs for Final Cut Pro


Transitions are one of the most important—and basic—choices you'll make while producing your next project. Cutting from shot to shot and scene to scene, it's important to keep your audience engaged: we use transitions to smoothly keep continuity or set the stage for a change in location or mood.

Final Cut Pro has built-in transitions, but they're a bit rudimentary. In this round-up, you'll see more exciting transitions that you can use.

10 Top Transitions for Final Cut Pro

In this round-up, you're going to see Final Cut Pro transitions from Envato Elements. These are far from the neutral fade or cross-dissolve transitions you're accustomed to.

On Envato Elements, a single flat rate subscription unlocks thousands of video templates, including Final Cut Pro transitions. You can download as many items as you want at no additional cost.

Envato Elements FCPX transitions
All of these templates are available on Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download service for creatives.

Note: Some of these templates require Apple Motion to fully customize. Make sure you check the item descriptions if you don't have access to Motion.

1. Glitch Transitions

Featuring 50 unique glitch transitions, this powerful pack delivers serious value in a single download. Glitch transitions add grungy style to any video. You’ll even find Instagram-ready transitions for all of your social media projects.


2. Transitions and Sound FX + Bonus

This pack includes a wide array of transitions, zooms, sounds, and more. It’s a perfect starting point for multipurpose editing. No matter which style you select, all are professionally built to make your video look great.


3. Liquid Transitions Pack | Apple Motion

Liquid transitions like these splash color across your videos. They’re reminiscent of classic animated films with their quick motion. They offer a fun and unique way to introduce new content on-screen. 


4. Liquid Transitions

These animated transitions are flexible enough to use in almost any production. With hand-drawn style and bright colors, they boldly push content into view.


5. Funny Transitions

These are perfect for your lighthearted promo and intro videos. With quirky colors and rapidly moving elements, they help every film pick up its pace. What’s more, they can be added to your projects in just a few clicks.


6. Slice Transitions

Slice transitions are commonly used in modern intros and promos. This makes them a professional addition to your own work. In this pack, you’ll find a full suite of them, with sound effects included. 


7. Broadcast Logo Transition Pack V2—Apple Motion

Your logo is a big part of making that key first impression. These broadcast logo transitions help you do just that, by combining your own logo image with a sharp, crisp entrance.


8. Toolkit and Transitions

Toolkit and Transitions is another action-packed collection for your video editing toolbox. It includes a variety of cinematic and broadcast graphics to bring studio-quality transitions to all of your videos.


9. FCP Zoom Transitions

Zooms are a simple, yet stylish technique for video transitions. This pack comes with plenty to get you started. They make for seamless, quick intros and can be applied in moments.


10. FCPX Zoom Transitions

This popular zoom transitions pack is built with every type of project in mind. Choose from 32 unique styles, including formats especially for social media. Then drop in your own content and go!


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