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7 Top Transition Templates for DaVinci Resolve

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Transitions: They are the glue that holds it all together. But they've got to be just right to work. These 7 top transition templates for DaVinci Resolve offer an array of creative ways to link your visuals and give your project the cohesion it needs.

Unique Shape Transitions

Wipe the slate clean between images and video using this soothing, quite visually satisfying transition template. Unique Shape Transitions offers 14 animated transitions with full color control that morph into spellbinding configurations of moving shapes.

Unique Shape TransitionsUnique Shape TransitionsUnique Shape Transitions

Transitions Pack

Acquire this template and it’s doubtful you’ll be sorry. With a total of 18 transitions—six vector transitions with titles in 4K and six glitch transitions in both 4K and HD—the options will keep you fresh, creative, and focused.

Transitions PackTransitions PackTransitions Pack

Organic Transitions

This collection of colorful, dynamically animated, organic transitions is super fun and playful. With sound FX included, Organic Transitions have a smooth, upbeat effect that lifts the spirits while helping you turn the page.

Organic TransitionsOrganic TransitionsOrganic Transitions

VHS Retro Styles & Transitions

Create a time machine right on your computer with an old VHS retro tape look. VHS Retro Styles & Transitions includes eight vintage VHS retro effects and transitions that can be used to treat your entire footage or simply the transitions.

VHS Retro Styles & TransitionsVHS Retro Styles & TransitionsVHS Retro Styles & Transitions

Drag-N-Drop Glitch Transitions

Few design elements have quite the electrifying effect that glitch transitions do. Zap, buzz, scramble! Drag-N-Drop Glitch Transitions erase the board to let the next visual start fresh. Super useful. 

Drag-N-Drop Glitch TransitionsDrag-N-Drop Glitch TransitionsDrag-N-Drop Glitch Transitions

Transitions for DaVinci Resolve

OK, with 400 base essential seamless transitions, this template is maybe the motherload of transition template packs. Resizable to any size screen, Transitions for DaVinci Resolve effects allow you to slide, stretch, pan, distort, rotate, shake, switch, zoom, burn, glitch, and so much more. 

2D FX Liquid Transitions

Let’s face it. Liquid transitions are just plain fun. 2D FX Liquid Transitions’ waves, splashes, and blots exploit water’s harmonious fluidity, bringing a levity and lightheartedness that’s difficult to resist. 

2D FX Liquid Transitions2D FX Liquid Transitions2D FX Liquid Transitions

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