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How and Why: Use Logo Templates in After Effects

The decision of whether or not to use a template for your logo reveal or "sting" can be a tricky one: let’s look at why you might want to and how you can best make use of a template to complement your brand.

Why Should I Use a Logo Template?

A popular argument for not using a template is that it can dilute the uniqueness of your brand. While that can be true, it’s important to consider why that might be the case and the things you can do to negate that, if so.

We’ll look at the ‘how’ of that, shortly, but for now, here are some strong reasons to consider using a template:

  1. It’s cost-effective. If you don’t have the budget to hire a designer, then using a template—particularly those that are part of a subscription—can be a great compromise: getting great design at a fraction of the cost.
  2. You have control without needing to know design or video software inside out. Many templates allow you to use ‘drag and drop’ facilities and have detalied modular controls, so you can create something quickly and easily.
  3. Starting from scratch can be hard, a template gives you a good jumping off point and can provide inspiration to work out what you want.
Woman frustrated at laptopWoman frustrated at laptopWoman frustrated at laptop
A template can provide inspiration when you're stuff for ideas. [Stock image from Envato Elements]

How to Create a Logo Using a Template

Customise Your Template

You want your logo to be unique, and a fear might be that using a template that others are potentially using will diminish that. Most templates allow for customisation, and this is where you can cement your brand and make it different from other similar offerings. Be sure to adjust colours to match your brand, sticking with a simple colour palette.

Be Consistent

Even if you’re using a template to create a video logo, it’s important to be consistent. Choose templates with movement and moods that match those of your brand. We have some more advice in our tutorial, How and Why: Create an Animated Logo Reveal.

Choose Carefully and be Subtle

Your logo, even animated versions, shouldn’t change very often. For that reason, you should make your template choice carefully—don’t pick something you’ll dislike in a few months. Movement of your logo should be purposeful and fit your brand’s style—less is often more!

Logo Templates for Adobe After Effects

At Envato Elements you’ll find logo options galore, and you can download as many as you like once you’re subscribed. Here are three great examples:

1. Quick Typo Logo

A great choice if you’ve not developed a logo yet, Quick Typo Logo will let you type our your brand name and turn it into a fast-paced logo sting.

2. Sliced Logo Text Element 3d Reveal

This pack of six logo options has a ‘sliced’ style, with elements coming together to reveal your brand name or logo. It’s dynamic and sure to make a bold impression.

3. Elegant Flame Logo

For the more dramatic among us, Elegant Flame Logo will certainly make an impact. You can use text if you don’t have a graphic logo, and the audio track is included with the download.  

More Help With Your Logo Sting

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