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15 Top Adobe Lightroom Presets on Envato Elements


Lightroom presets can speed up your workflow whilst offering simple solutions to editing needs. Here, we look at our favourite Lightroom Presets on Envato Elements.

Black and White or Monochrome Presets

Monochromatic Vol. 2 

Easy to use, this set of 20 presets will give you everything you need to make fully adjustable edits to your images.

Monochromatic Vol 2
Monochromatic Vol. 2  by ShinyPixel  

 Monochromatic Vol. 3

Bring out the very best in texture, tone, contrast, shape, form and lighting with this Monochromatic Lightroom set. The download includes options such as matte, high contrast and aged looks.

Monochromatic Vol 3
Monochromatic Vol. 3 by ShinyPixel  

Monocrom B/W

This set includes 16 Lightroom effects perfect for professional retouching, general photography or graphic designers. They’re fully flexible to ensure the perfect look for each individual image.

Monocrom BW
Monocrom B/W by Artmonk  


Blacktone offers advanced black and white conversion presets to enhance your portrait workflow and speed up your post-processing. These presets are perfect for outdoor or studio portraits, and fashion and fine-art photography.

Blacktone by Presetrain


The Porcelain collection features state-of-the-art monochrome conversion photo effects. Smooth, elegant and artistic, they’ll remove any distractions, to give you a flawless look.

Porcelain by Presetrain  

Artistic and Creative Colour Presets


This creative collection is perfect for all photography styles, including landscape, portraits, fashion and fine-art. Bring a rich, vintage tone and warmth to your images.

Burgundy by Presetrain  

Artistic Vol. 2 

Perfect for photographers and graphic designers, alike, with 50 presets in this download, you won’t be stuck for choice or creative inspiration.

Artistic Vol 2
Artistic Vol. 2  by Artmonk

HDR Studio Vol. 2

This professional set offers the most up-to-date HDR techniques in order to reproduce a greater dynamic range than possible with other photographic methods.

HDR Studio Vol 2
HDR Studio Vol. 2 by ShinyPixel

Creative 2 

This download contains 18 presets allowing you to make precise and flexible adjustments to your images.

Creative 2
Creative 2  by Artmonk  

Artistic Vol. 3

If you liked volume 2, you’ll love volume 3. The download includes 26 Lightroom effects, designed to breathe new life into your photographs.

Artistic Vol 3
Artistic Vol. 3 by Artmonk  

Light and Night Presets

Night Sky

The Night Sky download includes 11 unique presets, ideal for processing your Milky Way photographs, or any other starry, night-time images. Recover foreground, reduce light pollution, create sharp stars and much more.

Night Sky
Night Sky by Envato and Adrian Pelletier  

Night Photo

Night Photo contains 20 presets suitable for a variety of situations, including, portrait, architecture and sunset photographs. Bring your night time images to life.

Night Photo
Night Photo by Temaphoto  

Light Leaks Vol. 2

Just about everyone loves a light leak effect once in awhile and you can have 25 of them with this download. Each preset is non-destructive and works on photographs with lighting of any kind.

Light Leaks Vol 2
Light Leaks Vol. 2 by ShinyPixel  

Essential Light Leak

Containing 15, easy to use presets, the Essential Light Leak pack is great for making your photographs stand out from the crowd. The light leaks included are subtle and easy to use.

Essential Light Leak
Essential Light Leak by Presetworks


Nightfall features 7, dark tone presets to offer creative post-processing options for photographs in all kinds of light. Add a rich, dark and moody atmosphere to your images.

Nightfall by Presetrain  

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