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50 Free Black and White Presets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Adobe Lightroom is an amazing piece of software that can style your images in countless ways; with options to adjust contrast, the tone curve, colors, grain, and so much more!

With all of these options, it can be overwhelming to decide how to style an image. This is one of the many reasons to use Adobe Lightroom presets. Presets are one click styles to apply to your image.

Black  White Preset Example
When I don't know how to style an image, I usually start off by applying a preset as a starting point. This image uses the free Monochrome Hope preset.

This article has a roundup of 50 of the best Adobe Lightroom presets, all black and white. These presets are saved settings from talented photographers that you can apply to your images with just one click.

Premium Black and White Presets

If you want to bypass browsing and downloading each preset separately, check out what Envato Elements has to offer with Lightroom presets.

Envato Elements is a designer's best friend. For a flat rate each month, you unlock unlimited web templates, fonts and graphic assets. Even better, Elements has built up a great collection of Lightroom presets. 

Subscribe to Elements, and you'll have unlimited access to these presets, plus tons of other assets. Check out some of their best black and white presets below.

Monocrom B/W Lightroom Presets

Monocrom BW Lightroom Presets - Envato Elements

Blacktone Black & White Lightroom Presets

Blacktonw Black  White Lightroom Presets- Envato Elements

Monochromatic Vol. 2 - 20 Lightroom Presets

Monochromatic Volume 2 - Envato Elements

Monochromatic Vol. 3 - 20 Lightroom Presets

Monochromatic Volume 3 - Envato Elements

Porcelain B&W Lightroom Presets

Porcelain BW - Envato Elements

Monochromatic Vol. 1 - 20 Lightroom Presets

Monochromatic Volume 1 - Envato Elements

50 Free Black and White Lightroom Presets

1. Elegant B&W 2

Elegant BW

Click "Download the free preset."

2. Dark Contrast

Dark Contrast Preset

3. Free High Contrast Preset

Free High Contrast

4. Dragan B&W

Dragan BW preset

Link is included in a pack of 3 in the description of the preset.

5. B&W Romance

BW Romance Preset

6. Sharp B&W Preset

Sharp Black and White Preset

7. Instant B&W

Instant Black  White Preset

8. Old Soul

Old Soul Lightroom Preset

9. Ksouth's BnW

BnW Preset

10. B and W

B and W

11. Daybreak - Two Blooms

Daybreak Lightroom preset

Included in pack of 2. Email address required.

12. Harvest Moon - Two Blooms

Harvest Moon

Included in pack of 2. Email address required.

13. Black and White HDR

Black and White HDR

14. Aged Matte B&W

Aged Matte BW

Click on the "download the preset" link to grab the preset.

15. Sparkling

Sparkling BW preset

16. Grunge B&W

Grunge BW Preset

Included in large pack of presets; email address required.

17. Aged B&W Print

Nicolesy Aged BW

Email address required.

18. Grit

Flixelpix Grit

Pay what you wish; email address required.

19. B&W Infrared

BW Infrared Preset

20. Silhouette


21. Fuji Acros 100

Fuji Acros 100

Included in large pack of presets.

22. B&W Nights

BW Nights

23. Contrast Preset

Contrast Preset

24. Cool B&W

Cool BW preset

25. Grey Gray

Grey Gray Preset

26. Naturally B&W

Naturally BW preset

27. Little Rascals B&W

Little Rascals BW

Included in pack of 8; Facebook "like" and email address required.

28. Faux Film X

Faux Film X

Included in pack of 10.

29. Mono Fade

Mono Fade Lightroom Preset

30. BW Awesome - Wonderland

BW Awesome

Included in pack of 7.

31. Bold and Black

Bold and black

Included in large pack; email address required.

32. Eric Kim Monochrome 1600

Eric Kim Monochrome 1600

Included in pack of 2.

33. Legacy Pro 1600

Legacy Pro 1600 Preset

34. Phottix B&W Portrait

Phottix BW

Included in pack of 3; email address required.

35. Faded Film Look

Faded Film Look

36. Dark B&W Portrait

Dark BW Portrait

37. ESP Black and White

BW High Contrast

Included in pack of 27; checkout required although the presets are free.

38. Aesthetic Artz

Aesthetic Artz Preset

Included in pack of 2.

39. B&W Landscape

BW Landscape preset

40. B&W - You Did What? Preset

BW You Did What Preset

Included in pack of 7; email address required.

41. BW Dependable - Wonderland

BW Dependable

42. LSL B&W Matte

LSL BW Matte

Email address required; included in pack of 3.

43. Pictorial B&W

Pictorial BW

44. Shuttersweets - Monochromatic

Shuttersweets Monochromatic

Included in pack of 20; email address required.

45. B&W Infra

BW Infra preset

46. Silver Screen

Silver Screen Preset

47. W - The Quantum Collection

W preset

Choose the zero bucks option or pay what you want.

48. LSL B&W Clean

LSL BW Clean

Included in pack of 3; email address required.

49. Warm B&W

Warm BW

50. Ilford Delta

Ilford Delta

Included in large pack.

Recap & Keep Learning

This article showcases 50 of the best black and white presets, but there's no reason to stop here! If you want to learn more about Adobe Lightroom or Lightroom presets, check out the links below:

  1. Envato Elements has an entire section dedicated to Lightroom presets, including colorful presets not included in this tutorial.
  2. We also recently updated our 100 Free Lightroom Presets article with a huge listing of presets of all types.
  3. The Tuts+ Photo & Video section has an extensive library of Lightroom tutorials to level up your Lightroom skills.

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