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How to Collaborate on a Video Edit With Flixier's Browser-Based NLE

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Online collaboration is on the rise, and I don't think that will stop being the case. Thankfully, the tools that we have access to are getting better and better when it comes to ease of use and workflow.

In a previous tutorial, we went over how to use Flixier, an awesome browser-based NLE. Make sure to check out that tutorial if you'd like to learn how to use the tools and features that come loaded.

Woman editing footage - Available from Envato Elements

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a team project that can speed up all aspects of collaboration, from sending files and receiving feedback to having multiple editors work on a project together.

With all that, let's get into collaborating with Flixier.

Set Up Your Team

To have access to the team feature, the trial version won't cut it. You'll need to sign up with a creator account that starts at US$10/month.

Once you sign up, you'll be prompted to create your first video. Instead of doing that, you'll want to look at the sidebar along the lefthand side and click on Users and Teams. From there, select Invite User and add team members using their email addresses. The recipient then follows the link in the email that invites them to the project.

Sharing Files With Your Team

Now go ahead and create a project and add some footage. You'll notice a dropdown tab labelled Personal Library in the top left. There are two options: your personal footage and your team footage. Add media into your personal library and then select it, right-click, and choose Share with team. You can now select your team library to see your newly shared media.

You can also upload directly into the team library by selecting your team and following the blue import prompt found on the page.

Sharing a Personal Project With a Team

If you work on a project from your personal library, it stays personal unless you decide you are ready to have others see your work. Sharing your work is a breeze. First, save your work and go back to your projects. Find the project you'd like others to be included on, right-click, and select Share with team.

Can More Than One Editor Work at the Same Time?

The short answer is no, you can't edit the same clip at the same time. Usually you wouldn't want to do that anyway. But you can edit separate sections and share them.

By using Flixier in real time to share, comment, review, and update a clip, you feel more connected to the editing process. The biggest issue with editing videos remotely is constantly waiting for exports and notes via email. By using the team space, you have instant time-stamped comments from all collaborators. This can dramatically speed up your workflow, as well as allowing you to communicate with ease.

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