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How to Assemble Your Pictures Into a Photography Portfolio

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As a photographer, images are just the start. How do you decide which are your best photographs? How do you selectively choose the best that represent your style, and then what’s the best way to display those in a portfolio to someone who may not be familiar with your work?

You have your photos selected, congratulations! Now, it’s time to organise your photos by dividing them into related groups based on the subject matter, types of projects, or skills you’re trying to demonstrate.

You need to choose what type, or types of portfolio you’ll need, and adjust your photos accordingly. For example, you might want to make different colour preparations for print, than for web viewing. Are you confident enough to make something yourself, or do you prefer to use a template? These are all things that this lesson will look at, as we help to guide you through the creation of your portfolio.

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