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How to Make an Instagram Stories Video in Premiere Pro (With a Template)

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In this tutorial, learn how to create videos for Instagram Stories quickly and easily by using a professional, customisable template.

An Overview of Instagram Stories

You’re probably very familiar with the Instagram Stories feature by now, but for those who might still be new to the platform, here’s a quick summary:

  • Instagram Stories let you use video or images to send a message to your audience.
  • Instagram Stories can be up to 15 seconds long for video and seven seconds for photo.
  • You can run Stories back to back, so it’s possible to create one longer video, and chop it into 15 second segments, and still have the same effect.

Add Links and Tag Relevant Accounts

Anything you add to any post should always be relevant and subtle, but Stories sort of forces you to abide by that anyway. Unlike posting an image with a stream of hashtags, you really only have the room and time to make careful choices, otherwise they’ll disappear and your viewer won’t remember what they saw. Instagram Stories are searchable, which – in the opinion of many – seems to put them leagues ahead of Snapchat if you have a message (particularly a sales message) to get across.

Note: you can only currently add a ‘swipe up’ link to your story if you’re a verified account with over 10,000 followers.

Be Top of Mind

Stories are shown right at the top of your Instagram feed, so you posting a new story will likely be one of the first things your followers see. If you post regularly, your fans will get used to expecting regular content from you and hopefully start to view your story as habit.

Some ways you might want to use Instagram Stories:

  • To promote a product
  • To drive people to your website or other outlet
  • To give your followers a little glimpse into your life or process

Try a Template 

Often, a casual Instagram user might not be feeling confident enough to create their own high-quality video, but still wants to use it. Making an Instagram Stories video with a template means that you can use as much or little video as you feel comfortable with - you can use just images even, and let the template do the heavy lifting when it comes to animation.

We've selected this template from Envato Elements, to show you how quick and easy it can be to create video for Instagram.

Instagram Stories Pack No. 1

This set of templates for Premiere Pro includes 6 Stories options and you can do everything right there in Premiere Pro. There's a link included to the free font used, as well as an in-depth tutorial video on how to use the template.

Here's an example we made to show you how simple it is to use.

1. Open the Template

When you open the template in Premiere Pro you’ll notice it’s broken down into three folders:

  1. Edit Placeholders
  2. Export Stories
  3. Assets
open templateopen templateopen template
This is how the template looks when opened in Premiere Pro

There are six different Stories options, which you’ll be able to see along the top of your timeline. They all run at 10 seconds. I’ve chosen Story 02.

story 2story 2story 2

Story 02 is clean and simple with some animation at the beginning, before holding on your message and encouraging you to swipe up with an up arrow (visit a website) for more.

2. Import Media

Import the image or images you’d like to use in your project, either by dragging them in, or clicking on File > Import.

import mediaimport mediaimport media

I’m going to create a fashion based Instagram Story, so I’ve imported an image of folded sweaters. To place that image into the template, I need the Edit Placeholders folder and then the Images sub-folder within that.

You’ll see that in the sub-folder the placeholders are labelled according to which story you’re working on. I’m working on Story 02 and so I know ‘Story 02 Image’ corresponds with my current template.

image placeholderimage placeholderimage placeholder

With the image placeholder highlighted, drag the image you want into your timeline. You can adjust the size and position in the Effect Controls panel.

image placeholder image placeholder image placeholder

If you click back onto your Story in the Timeline then you’ll be able to see how your image looks within the template as a whole.

image in templateimage in templateimage in template

3. Adjust the Colours

As the template is well-organised, it should be really clear how to edit each part of the colour scheme on the template you’ve chosen. Just go the Edit Placeholders folder and then the Colors sub-folder. 

If you double-click on a colour label, a colour picker will pop up and you can choose your scheme to match your branding or promotion. I’ve changed my example from pink to more of a buff colour, to fit with the sweaters, but I’ve kept a splash of hot pink in the animation at the start.

choose colourschoose colourschoose colours

4. Adjust the Text

Altering the text is the same premise as changing the colours: go to Edit Placeholders and this time choose the Texts sub folder. If you double-click on the text placeholder, an editing box will pop up for you to make changes

editing textediting textediting text

I’ve added a ‘50% off’ on the left, and ‘Winter Range Sale’ in the main circle. There’s an animated arrow below this latter text, so the idea would be to add a ‘swipe up’ hyperlink to that in Instagram when you upload it.

5. Export Your Instagram Stories Video

Exporting your video is fairly simple – you’re working in vertical video so it’s the reverse of what your dimensions would usually be: 9:16, or 1080 by 1920. For Format, choose H.264. Under Preset select Match Source – High Bitrate, and make sure that you have export video and audio (if applicable) checked.

Remember, your maximum upload size is 4GB so keep an eye on the file size, but with only 15 seconds to play with you should be well within that limit.

Here's the rendered video, ready to be uploaded to Instagram.

4 Top Stories Templates for Premiere Pro

Now that you know how to use templates to make Instagram Stories, you're probably ready to start on your video. That's why I've rounded up five of the most popular Instagram Stories templates on Envato Elements. Find one with a style you like and get started! 

1. Instagram Stories Stomp

Stomp is a modern template that will liven up your Instagram account. The animations are pre-made, and it includes 4K options for your Instagram Story or feed. Just add your text and images, and you're done.

2. Fresh Instagram Stories

Who doesn't like choice? Fresh Instagram Stories gives you 22 template options to create videos for your product or service. You'll have complete control over color and photos. If you're stuck, just watch the included video tutorial.  

3. Sports Instagram Stories

Capture the thrill of sports with this Instagram Stories template. It's dynamic and includes bold fonts and animations. You can even add links to your website. This is a nice option for a sports blog or fitness company.

4. Instagram Stories - Education (MOGRT)

Do you run an education website, blog, or YouTube channel? This themed Instagram Stories template features six different illustrations and lets you control the color. This template has an inviting, modern look your followers will appreciate.

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