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10 Top Instagram Stories Templates (Vertical Video) for After Effects

Grab attention with your Instagram Stories by using templates that look great and help you engage with your audience; We've gathered together a few of our favourite Instagram templates, especially designed for vertical video, to help you out. 

First, here are our top recommended tips to consider when you're creating your stories:

  1. Be consistent—your style should be recognisably you, every time. Using templates can really help with this.
  2. Be concise—you've only got a short time to get your point across, so make the best use of that time that you can and keep your messages uncomplicated.
  3. Use hashtags—don't clutter your post with too many, keep them relevant to your potential audience.

10 Top Instagram Stories Templates for After Effects

These ten awesome templates are a mix from Envato Elements and Envato Market, so there's something for everyone!

1. Instagram Stories

15 high-quality, animated templates for your Instagram Stories. Just add your photo, video footage, and text – it’s quick and easy. Links to the fonts are included in the download.

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories from Envato Elements

2. Sports Instagram Stories

Sports Instagram Stories has 25 bold, high-energy templates for your sport brand. With glitch and dynamic shape animations, there’s a definite ‘tech’ feel to this style.


3. Instagram Stories

22 different designs are included in this Instagram Stories pack for After Effects. You won’t need any plugins and the fonts used in the examples are free to download.

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories from Envato Elements

4. Instagram Stories Pack

A modern set of 20 Stories templates, this pack is easy to use and works with either photo or video. It has full colour control and customisation so you can adjust it to suit your brand.

Instagram Stories Pack
Instagram Stories Pack from Envato Elements

5. Instagram Stories

Show off your awesome content with these well-designed Instagram Stories, with 195 designs in three sizes, including vertical video for Stories.

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories from Envato Elements

6. Instagram Stories—Partnership

With six unique illustrations and full colour control, this pack of Instagram Stories templates is perfect for a range of projects.


7. Modified Instagram Stories

Mix it up with different backgrounds, titles, icons and ‘swipe up’ graphics with Modified Instagram Stories for Adobe After Effects. Just drag and drop your choices into the template to create unique Stories every time.

Modified Instagram Stories
Modified Instagram Stories from Envato Elements

8. Instagram Stories

This is a huge pack of stories, posts, sound effects, transitions, typography and much, much more. In total there are almost 2000 elements, so you can keep your Instagram Stories and posts looking fresh.

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories from Envato Market

9. Fashion Instagram Stories

If you have a fashion brand, try these refined Instagram Stories templates. They’re stylish and smart, with 25 options and a free to use font.


10. Instagram Stories

Add images and videos with one click with this stories pack for Instagram. With universal expressions, they’re easy to customise, and you won’t need any plugins to use them.

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories from Envato Market

More Great Instagram Video Resources From Envato

Download Free Vertical Video Footage From Mixkit

Need some awesome footage to use in your next Instagram Story? Try downloading free vertical stock video from Mixkit. For royalty-free videos that you can use in any project you like without paying a cent, it's the best source you'll find.

Portrait stock video

Make an Animated Stories Video With PlaceIt

You don't need professional software to create visually-appealing videos, you can make them right in your browser: Placeit has a quick video maker that uses online templates.

PlaceIt Instagram Stories Maker selection screen
PlaceIt Instagram Stories Maker

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