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10 Top Instagram Title Templates for After Effects

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Polish your Instagram feed with a professional look that proves you mean business. Each of these ten top Instagram title templates for After Effects distinctly enliven your words with style, nuance, and passion. 

Top Instagram Templates from Envato Elements

Elements is the subscription service from Envato with assets like photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, project templates for After Effects (and Premiere Pro), and creative courses from Envato Tuts+. Here are ten top templates from Elements to help you make Instagam videos.

Kinetic Typography Instagram

Set your words into all kinds of motion. Wiggle, wave, rotate, drop, roll, square, ripple, up and down, grow, zoom, and glitch are just some of the options Kinetic Typography Instagram offers that will keep viewers mesmerized.

Trendy Titles Plus

This trendy animated title pack of 15 also includes 15 4K loop-able animated backgrounds: meaning it’s got you covered. Drop in any font, it’s fully customizable and requires not one lick of a plugin.

Dark Movie Opener

Foreboding, mysterious, and sure to keep them on the edge of their seats, Dark Movie Opener lets you roll title credits while abstract, organic shapes continually form and reform. However the text is customized (there are 38 placeholders), a profound gravity will emanate.


Reminiscent of the 1983 techno-thriller film “War Games,” Terminal provides a typing on command prompt with a blinking cursor from computer terminal days long gone. Peppered with a bit of glitch, this template can also imitate a Linux terminal or other programs with a command line interface.

Rhythm Loop Titles

Offering a dollop of cool, Rhythm Loop Titles is a dynamic, creative template that uses rhythm and simple animation to show off your images and videos alike. Comprising 18 unique rhythm auto-resize titles, is super simple to use and works in every language version of After Effects.

Sweet Memories Slideshow

This romantic, vintage-tinged template creates slideshows using a 3D camera to make it feel like you’re sifting through a box of photographs. Emotional, tender, and impassioned, Sweet Memories Slideshow pulls on your heart strings—in a good way.

Editable Fireworks Template

Start celebrating! Whether it’s New Years, a grand opening, or a wedding, any jubilant, commemorative event is only enhanced when set against fireworks. Highly realistic, Editable Fireworks Template contains 50 4K and 25 Quicktime videos, plus five fireworks compositions.

Simple Logo & Title Intro

Blast your logo onto the screen using Simple Logo & Title Intro. Its 10 unique title styles incorporate organic 3D particle effects and complex motion graphics elements that burst with energy.

Cartoon Pop-Ups

Zonk! Wow! Yum! Dope! Cartoon Pop-Ups are fun, energetic, playful callouts containing all of the charm of vintage comic books with the option of fully customizing them for today’s lexicon.

Seamless Instagram Feed

Turn your Instagram feed into an infinite number of modern, clean, minimal posts. Seamless Instagram Feed contains 12 scenes that you can upload one by one so that your Instagram profile looks like a single board.

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